Thursday, September 23, 2021

Chad Johnson’s Girlfriend Crystal Bates Pregnant with His Fifth Child

chad johnson, crystal bates,*Chad Johnson is becoming a father yet again… for the fifth time. Girlfriend Crystal Bates is pregnant with their first child together, according to Sister 2 Sister.

Having a fifth child doesn’t make him less excited. Johnson tweeted about the upcoming addition to his family with a photo of a sonogram.

chad johnson, crystal bates,But he isn’t the only one excited about the baby. Bates posted on Instagram, “I watched her play around, hide her lil [face] but the highlight of my day was watching her trying to find her mouth to such her thumb, she didn’t give up until she found out.”



    • If someone “allows” something to be done to them?, they will definitely fall to it. Male or FEmale, baby OR money. So with that being stated?, I post…Lady?, it’s called….”easier to only pay CS, than “CS” AND….alimony! “BOOM”!

  1. Honey1, this is his 5th, and her 1st, while a child is a gift, I am repulsed by him and others just spreading sperm around like “nutella”. That’s not letting these women off easy either. All they are, is inventory. How low your self-worth must be, to join the ranks of being another “baby-mama”.

  2. It is her 5th too, by multiple baby daddy’s. So it’s actually he that’s the THOT cuz she’s been round the block a ill ion times.

  3. Oh how the mighty Chad Ochocinco has fallen. Chick has a bunch of kids with a bunch of men. She is a busted down, used up mess. Disgusting.

  4. I’m not even try to understand this mess. Not only is this chick not cute, she’s has been ridden more times than an old bicycle. This dude deserves the prize for dumbest most used athlete. Every lowlife HO takes advantage of his dumb ass. Kid will have NINE 1/2 sisters and brothers, who does that ?????

  5. Maybe one day he will be in the press for doing somthing worthwhile.. Textbook example of an individual who has destroyed his legacy by acting the fool and surrounding himself with losers and opportunists

  6. If that’s what her neck looks like, imagine what her vajay jay look like, she already had 4 kids and ridden every lowlife within 10 miles with no protection. Now she posting up sneakers and stuff on her IG, typical low intelligence , stupid THOT, that goes for that moron Chqd too.

  7. Unattractive & illiterate . Great choice ! Fifth child for BOTH. Here’s to the two of you grunting and snorting through life together .

  8. He is a serial idiot, this is a busted down , bad attitude, dumb HO. She worked in a busted down strip club until she latched onto this moron . This will be her 5th daughter, God knows how her lazy ass will raise it.

  9. I’m sorry but this is his 6th child…everyone keeps forgetting about his son from Andrea Pearson…the one who had him in court for child support…he has a group pic of all his kids together on his page


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