Monday, April 19, 2021

Alleged Tyler Perry Stalker Wants ‘Deceptive’ Lawsuit Thrown Out, Says He Didn’t Harass Filmmaker

tyler-perry-stalker-joshua-sole*Tyler Perry’s alleged stalker is raising a fuss over the entertainment mogul’s lawsuit, which he says is deceptive.

Perry reportedly filed a lawsuit earlier this year demanding a restraining order against his ex-employee Joshua Sole. The suit stemmed from an incident that took place at Perry’s studio office in October 2014.

Perry claimed that Sole, his alleged stalker, barricaded himself in his studio’s office and forced everyone to evacuate. Sole was accused of disabling the alarms and security equipment at the studio and then climbed through the ceiling panels.

The police report regarding the case referenced employees who claimed Sole refused to leave without having a conversation with Perry. Local law enforcement later arrived and ultimately charged Sole with criminal trespassing after spending four hours getting him out of the studio offices, reports

Perry suit against Sole was for $100,000 in damages for harassment and $25,000 in legal fees for bringing the lawsuit as well as a demand for Sole to undergo psychological counseling.

Sole recently responded to Perry’s suit as he denied that he had been harassing the movie director. The former employee stated that none of his actions caused Perry any damage, especially any harm that would result in a $125,000 judgment against him.

Although Sole doesn’t specifically explain his story, he admits that he attempted to contact Perry. As for Perry’s stalking and harassment accusations, Sole says they are untrue. In addition, theJasmineBrand noted that Sole stated in his response that Perry’s lawsuit is deceptive and groundless in addition to causing him unnecessary trouble and expense.

Sole is demanding that Perry’s entire lawsuit be thrown out along with the filmmaker not being awarded the $125,000 he wants in damages and legal bills. To add to that, Sole is demanding that Perry pay for the costs of bringing the lawsuit.

To see court documents related to Sole’s response, click here.



  1. OK Mr. Perry pay this dude the 125 thousand you asking for so he go away.. or its going to be scandalous(hint but no surprize to the public or fan base ).. and not vicious lies and rumors.. but actual facts proven.. unless Mr. Perry had his employees sign a “MUTE CLAUSE” not allowing the employees to talk publicly about the happenings in the studio or anything connecting..

    • Nino Josh Sole has so many mental problem Look underneath the layers of the rocks at his life. Do some research yourself on him. You will find a lot of disturbing news about him.


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