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Taraji P. Henson Claps Back at Keith Lee’s Criticism Over BET Awards Snub | VIDEO

Keith Lee - Taraji P Henson (Getty)

*The BET Awards hosted by Taraji P. Henson saw its share of glitz, glam, and a bit of controversy. Keith Lee, a food reviewer with a significant social media following on TikTok, recently spoke out against BET’s production and expressed dissatisfaction over a segment where he was supposed to receive recognition but felt sidelined. Lee’s […]

Keith Lee Partners with Microsoft to Educate Black Restaurateurs on AI Tools | Video

Keith Lee - Getty

*Popular TikTok food critic Keith Lee has partnered with Microsoft to equip restaurateurs with AI tools designed to enhance their business success. According to the Pew Research Center, in 2021, two-thirds of Black-owned businesses had fewer than 10 employees, per the press release via AfroTech. Lee and Microsoft aim to address this challenge by leveraging […]

Food Critic Keith Lee Repulsed by Michigan Restaurant, Owner Defends Recipe

Keith Lee

*TikTik Food Critic Keith Lee recently visited Southfield, Michigan, and gave a scathing critique of Lillie Bell’s Cuisine. Lee told his followers that he received a direct message urging him to sample food at the restaurant, so he spent $90 to sample the offerings at Lillie Bell’s Cuisine, Yahoo reports.  He ordered three plates for […]

Keith Lee Returning to Atlanta for ‘Redemption Food Tour’ | Video

Keith Lee - Getty

*Popular Food Critic Keith Lee, who travels the country eating at different restaurants, will return to Atlanta for his 2024 Redemption Food Tour. “We decided as a family, we’re gonna do a redemption tour,” Lee said in a TikTok video. “Last year, we went to about 10 states on a family food tour. This year, […]

Keith Lee Gives Thumbs Up to Gluten-Free Buffet Phoenix Eatery | WATCH

Keith Lee - Getty

*Keith Lee is giving a personal co-sign to a well-known gluten-free eatery. The thumbs up came after the influencer and his family visited Jewel’s Bakery and Cafe, a restaurant located in the Arcadia neighborhood of Phoenix, AZ, according to In his latest video, Lee revealed his sister has not participated in many of his […]

Keith Lee Slams Scammers in Indianapolis Ahead of NBA All-Star Game | Video

Keith Lee - (Ethan Miller-Gerardo Mora-Getty Images)

*TikTok food critic Keith Lee is warning about deceptive food influencers in Indianapolis taking money from restaurants using his name. In a TikTok video, Lee said that scammers began targeting local businesses after his plans to attend the NBA All-Star game in Indianapolis leaked. “I would rather not make this video, but it’s come to […]

Keith Lee Fans Target Wrong Dallas Food Truck Amid $4,000 Tip Controversy

Keith Lee - Instagram

*A Dallas catering company is being harassed after being mistaken for a local restaurant reviewed by popular TikToker Keith Lee. According to the Dallas Morning News, the owners of Seasoned Street Food are speaking out after receiving a slew of negative reviews from people mistaking it for the Dallas food truck Sweetly Seasoned. It all […]

Keith Lee Ranks Top 8 Cities from His 2023 Food Tour | Video

Keith Lee - Instagram

*Social media food critic Keith Lee has shared his list of the top 8 cities from his 2023 food tour. Lee ranked New Orleans the No. 1 spot, and Houston was second best on the list. “Speaking of almost every spot we visited being delicious, Houston was one of those places,” Lee said. “It was one […]