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TODAY, Nigerian Songstress Waje Unveils New EP Exclusively on Gala Music: An Innovative Shift in Music Distribution

Nigerian Songstress Waje Unveils New EP on Gala Music
Nigerian Music Artist Waje

*Renowned Nigerian singer and songwriter Waje has embarked on an innovative journey with the exclusive release of her new EP “Same Human, Different Beast” on Gala Music, scheduled for release today, May 22nd.

“Same Human, Different Beast” marks a significant shift in the music industry’s distribution landscape. The EP, featuring tracks such as “Worries,” “Odo,” “With You,” and “Energy,” promises to captivate audiences with its vibrant melodies and heartfelt lyrics.

“I went from the Love Diva to the Voice of Africa because of my vocal strength and technique, and now I’m exploring other sounds, so it’s the same human, a different beast. I’ve always somehow fused my sounds together so it’s not really strange to find me doing something like this EP,” said Waje when asked why she is moving into Afro-Fusion melodies.

Partnering with Gala Music represents a strategic move for Waje, as she is the first Nigerian music artist and the first African female artist on the platform. This collaboration provides her with a platform to connect directly with fans while embracing new opportunities in the rapidly evolving ownership economy of music. Many music artists struggle with the lack of transparency when it comes to bigger streaming platforms, and Gala Music hopes to change that narrative. By leveraging Gala Music’s commitment to empowering artists and engaging audiences, Waje is at the forefront of a movement that seeks to redefine how music is shared and consumed.

Waje shared her enthusiasm about working with Gala Music: “Working with Gala Music has been an amazing experience, seamless and very transparent. The whole team has been truly supportive both technically and informatively, and I am quite happy the platform is open to African artists, giving us full power to bring our music, merch, and other content closer to the core fans.”

Nigerian Songstress Waje Unveils New EP on Gala Music
Waje at Gala Music

Same Human, Different Beast” which includes four tracks, follows a staggered release schedule on Gala Music:

  • “Worries” – Available May 8
  • “Odo” – Available May 8
  • “With You” – Available May 22
  • “Energy” – Available May 22

“I am truly excited about my new releases coming exclusively on Gala Music. ‘Odo’ is a Ghanaian word for love and it is captured in an upbeat love story about commitment and timeless affections. It centers the listener with sultry vocals and memorable melodies. A feel-good afrobeat vibe, better with each play,” says Waje.

Nigerian Music Artist Waje
Nigerian Music Artist Waje

The partnership between Waje and Gala Music further exemplifies how blockchain technology is revolutionizing the music industry. Gala Music’s platform offers enhanced security and transparency in music distribution and rights management, empowering artists to control their creative journey.

For fans eager to experience Waje’s new EP before its availability on other digital streaming platforms, Gala Music has provided exclusive early access starting with presale on May 8, 2024. This collaboration represents a bold step toward a more immersive and rewarding fan experience, bridging the gap between artists and audiences in the digital age.

As Waje continues to pave the way for African artists on the global stage, her partnership with Gala Music serves as a testament to the transformative power of technology in shaping the future of music distribution and consumption. With Gala Music, Waje is not only sharing her music but also embracing a new era of creativity and connectivity in the music industry. Check out and support Waje’s new EP on Gala Music.

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