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Ice Cube Revisits Jack In the Box for ‘Munchie Meal’ Collabo | PicsVideo

Jack in the Box - Ice Cube (via Jack in the Box)
Jack in the Box – Ice Cube (via Jack in the Box)

*Ice Cube and Jack in the Box have history, musically and now culinary. You heard right. The allies have aligned for a Cube’s very own meal. The “Munchie Meal,” as it’s called, features Jack In the Box staples such as the Chick-N-Tater Melt, Jack Taco, and seasoned curly fries as well as mini churros, and a small Sprite.

Chatting about the collaboration, Cube admitted to enjoying Jack in the Box food. For him, working with the fast food chain falls in line with promoting the brands he uses.

“I eat Jack in the Box, so I like to do things that’s authentic, and so I felt that was perfect,” the 54-year-old “Really Doe” rhymesayer told Vibe. “They were down to collaborate and come up with something cool that fits both brands. They came to me for a reason. Jack in the Box is happy, and Ice Cube fans are happy, too — if you do something that the fans don’t connect with, you’re defeating your own purpose.”

Officially speaking Jack in the Box explained its reason for aligning with Cube, stating it was the entertainer’s “cultural presence and consumer appeal that caters to the rowdy, late-night vibes we know and love.”

In addition to co-creating the “Munchie Meal” Cube will promote the new $12 limited combo in three national commercials with the Jack in the Box mascot.

Ice Cube's 'Munchie Meal at Jack In The Box
Ice Cube’s ‘Munchie Meal at Jack In The Box

Ice Cube’s work with Jack in the Box marks the second time the food establishment has teamed up with a rapper. In 2023, Cube’s fellow rap icon Snoop Dogg was involved with Jack In the Box for the “Dogg in Tha Box” meal.

The creation of the “Munchie Meal” comes 16 years after Cube immortalized Jack in the Box in song with “Jack N The Box.” Featured on the “Friday” entertainers’ 2008 album “Raw Footage,” the tune was highlighted as a term used to highlight when “somebody gets too big-headed.” like the Jack In the Box mascot.

When asked if he ever thought about ever collaborating with the franchise, Cube referenced how the Jack N the Box term came from a friend who passed away.

“I mean, that’s a hope and a dream in the back of your mind,” the “It Was a Good Day” lyricist also told Vibe. “I did the song because I had a friend named Star, who passed away in 2021 and he would always claim when somebody got too ‘big-headed,’ that they went ‘Jack in the box,’ like the big head [mascot]. So, it started to float around our crew that when somebody shows out, do something they’re not supposed to do, or think they too big — they went Jack in the box.”

“I did a song about me being ‘Jack in the box,’ having a big head and doing the rapper stuff. So, it was a cool song,” continued. “When performing it, I think I got big horns and it’s just a cool vibe. But I had hoped that it would happen like this, but I didn’t count on it.”

Diving further into his reasons for working with Jack in the Box, Cube added that it was “ really all about the collaboration and if they were open to ideas from our camp.”

“…That’s really what it’s really all about,” he explained. “They were totally open to collaborate and come up with things that were just perfect and comfortable for me to do.

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