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Carly Simon Reveals Risqué Encounters with Marvin Gaye and Redd Foxx

Carly Simon
(L – R): Marvin Gaye, Carly Simon, Redd Foxx / via I Love Old School Music

*In her 2015 autobiography “Boys In The Trees,” Carly Simon allegedly recalls her risque encounters with Marvin Gaye and Red Foxx way back in the day.

As reported by I Love Old School Music, this is what Rolling Stone Magazine previously published about Simon’s encounters with Foxx: When Simon’s career was slow to take off, she found jobs as a summer-camp counselor and as a secretary on a TV variety show. Her first day on the set, she had to go to the dressing room of comedian Redd Foxx, who promptly dropped his trademark red-fox fur coat, revealing that he was stark naked underneath. She quickly fled.

The publication also noted Simon’s claims about Marvin Gaye: Marvin Gaye, in his dressing room, was stripped only to the waist, but when he asked Simon to stick out her tongue, “Marvin lunged at my face, swept my tongue into his mouth, and began sucking on it. I extracted it without inflicting damage.”

And there you have it!

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While promoting her memoir in 2015, Simon was asked by NPR what it was like to write about growing up in New York. She explained: “You know, the main reason that I wrote the book was because I had kept diaries for a good part of my life — starting, really, from when I could write, handwrite. And I talked about my sisters and my brother and my mother and father, and various people who lived in our apartment building in New York City, which was a six-story building that my father owned. And there was a lot of charm in just living in a big family compound of a house. My two uncles, who were into jazz, lived in the basement, and one of them, Uncle Peter, taught me my first songs on the ukulele.”

When asked about who she was referring to in the hit track “You’re So Vain,” the veteran singer/songwriter said: “Well, you know, of all of the things in the book, that’s the one thing that I feel most uncomfortable about. I would say it’s not not about Warren Beatty. But I can’t understand why there’s been such intense interest about this over the years and I don’t really want to play into that. To me, it’s not an issue. It’s a kind of a fun riddle.”

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