Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Property Manager Slams Rude Renters Who Refuse to Pay On Time | Video

*“We have become a nation of leeches,” said one person’s response to an online report about a property manager’s rant related to tenants not paying rent. 

TikTok user Nichole (@nicholefeather1) has gone viral after posting a video calling out rude renters who can’t pay on time. As reported by MSN via The Daily Dot, she claims that she has offered renters the opportunity to arrange payment plans and help with filling out rental assistance applications. 

“Whatever I can do to help you,” the woman said in the clip. “I don’t know your situation.”

She claims people are generally “very rude” in their responses. Watch the clip below.

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@nicholefeather1 RANT: I Am sorry but rent is due monthly and I do not make you the rules … but these companies want payment or they need u to move #propertymanagement #communitymanager #housing #section8 #projectbasedsection8 #evictions #hardships #market #rentalproperty #lateFees ♬ original sound – AJ Consulting & Training

“They get an attitude because you’re doing your job,” Nichole said. “I don’t understand it. … In market communities, you have to pay rent! You can’t live here for free, people!”

Many commenters co-sign with the property manager’s stance, while some noted that tenants may be overwhelmed with personal issues, including the stressors that come with the inability to backpay rent. 

“People don’t pay their bills and don’t respect anyone or anything,” one person commented under MSN’s report. “They have been brainwashed by a giveaway government and think everything is free.”

“I don’t think they want to live for free, their probably just stressed about the past due rent,” wrote another reader, per The Daily Dot. “I wouldn’t take it personally.”

“Everyone would love to pay their bills. It’s hard to [not] have enough to pay on time,” added another commenter. 

“I’m trying to get on assistance right now because my job messing with my check,” a third said. 

“Wow … I wish the management company where I live would have someone like you who actually cares about the renter,” one person wrote.

In response, Nichole said people “have to communicate and make a plan.”

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