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Kevin Hart Opens Plant-based Restaurant in Los Angeles Near LAX | WATCH

*Kevin Hart has opened his first plant-based fast-food restaurant in Los Angeles. 

The eatery dubbed Hart House is located in Westchester at 8901 S. Sepulveda Boulevard. There are also two locations under construction, with plans to open 10 Hart Houses over the next year, per Eater LA

We reported previously that Hart’s new restaurants offer a 100% plant-based menu of sandwiches, salads, and sides, Vibe reports. A second location is expected to launch in Hollywood.

“I founded Hart House to create a good experience that combines the joy of coming together over food, with the power of purpose,” the actor said on the Hart House website. “Our amazing chefs and team members have crafted a 100% plant-based menu that delivers ‘can’t-believe-it’ flavor in every bite. I know you’re going to love it.”

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As reported by Green Queen, the menu items are free from artificial colors, preservatives and corn syrup. “Hart House poached Chef Michael Salem from Burger King, where he served as head of culinary innovation, bringing the Impossible Whopper to the menu,” the outlet writes. 

“I’ve seen too many animals die. I’ve been too guilty about the food I’ve been serving the community, making people really unhealthy for a long time, and I just don’t think it’s necessary,” Salem said. “I think this is really the future of fast food, so that’s why I took the gig. I just thought it was an incredible chance to really make a difference and leave a legacy on food service and an industry that’s been so good to me.”

The comedian also worked with CEO Andy Hooper who recruited Chef Salem, according to Los Angeles Magazine.

“Kevin sort of conceptualize[d] this idea at the beginning of the pandemic,” Hooper shared with the outlet. “If I were advising him at the time, I would say, ‘Don’t you dare ever start a restaurant, and don’t you ever start a restaurant in the middle of COVID,’ but after almost two years of really working on this menu and getting the food to a place where it can deliver on that promise, we’re ready to go and we’re excited to tell the world about Hart House and excited to serve the food.” 

“When it comes to vegans making food for vegans, I think if you’re immersed in that food too much, you can lose sight of what the carnivores truly want, so as we curated this menu, we really developed it as carnivores,” Salem added. “We’re not sacrificing. We’re still delivering great crave-able flavor. We’re still delivering products that you want to take to your friends and share. It just happens to be really good for you. It happens to be plant-based, and you happen to feel a lot better after you eat it.”

Hart told Eater LA recently that “It was extremely important to us from the beginning to make [affordability] a massive priority.”

Per the outlet, “Hart draws a parallel between his venture to his acting and comedy career.” 

“For me, it’s about getting the customers that aren’t necessarily your target or your demographic,” says Hart. “You’re trying to appeal to all. [Hart House] is plant-based, but it’s really good. How can we get everybody to say ‘I want Hart House today.’ That’s something I’ve been able to do in my career. I’ve been able to travel the globe and do my job at a very high level by appealing to everyone. So for Hart House, I want [it] to match the world of me and what I’ve done, and have that same global appeal as we grow and as we go.”

Hart House is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.


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