Thursday, August 11, 2022

Dr. Dre Produced 247 Songs During COVID Pandemic

Dr. Dre
Dr. Dre (Photo by Keith Birmingham/MediaNews Group/Pasadena Star-News via Getty Images)

*Dr. Dre claims he recorded 247 songs during the COVID pandemic. 

“I did 247 songs during the pandemic, then we paused, did a whole album with Marsha Ambrosius. That’s f###### nutso, that’s crazy,” said Dre while recording in the studio with Busta Rhymes and Spliff Star, All Hip Hop reports. 

“Then we came back… what did we do after that? Oh, I did the ‘Grand Theft Auto’ s###, and then we working on my n#### Snoop,” he shared.

Dre added, “We got two days in right now. We got like six bangers.”

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We reported previously that when Public Enemy’s Flavor Flav appeared on Steve-O’s Wild Ride! Podcast, he shared details about Dre’s hotly-anticipated “Detox” album. 

“I was just over Dre’s house a week and a half ago,” he said. “One of the best people in the world, man. Not only that, but I’m honored for him to have me record something at his house for his upcoming album that’s getting ready to come out. That’s big to me, man. C’mon. Flavor Flav on a Dr. Dre album? Man. Word. That’s big to me, bro.”

Meanwhile, hip-hop icon DJ Grandmaster Flash claims Dr. Dre’s new music will “change the game.”

Flash and Dre linked up in LA where the famed music producer played some new music that will apparently have a huge impact on the culture.

Grandmaster Flash shared a photo of himself with Dr. Dre on Instagram and added the caption: “GRANDMASTER FLASH & DR. DRE. Here in LA doing the Disco Oasis with Nile Rogers tonite, I get a call from one of my heroes he invites me to the CRIB.

“He takes me down to the STUDIO he played me a project that will change the game!! Totally incredible, we top off the day for 2hrs talkin about Music, Family Health and Life thanks for the Invite Dr Dre.”

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