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Snoop Dogg’s Daughter Claps Back at Haters Who Say Men Only Date Her Because of Famous Father

Cori Broadus
Credit: Instagram

*Cori Broadus, the daughter of hip-hop icon Snoop Dogg, took to Instagram to clap back at haters who said her boyfriend is only with her because of her famous father. 

“Y’all love saying a n***a must like me cause my daddy Snoop Dogg. Like why can’t he just love me for me? It’s deeper than just being his daughter. I’m my own person,” wrote the 23-year-old artist, who goes by CHOC, Vlad TV reports. 

“I’m more than that & I hate that I feel like I gotta go on here & do all this but I been dealing with this sh*t since high school. It’s frustrating as f**k to have to question if that’s the case. I hate it here. Y’all f**kin’ suck,” she wrote. 

In a follow-up post, she added, “Y’all are so miserable and it’s so sad. It’s so had not to let ppl comments get to you cause you know deep down they struggling but I’m still human and words hurt. How do y’all have time to sit on someone page and just talk shit. It never made sense to me. But if they see you in person it’s another story. So so hateful I’m praying cause that’s a sickness fr.” 

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Cori has previously opened up about being bullied and having suicidal thoughts. 

“People just always talk about me, ‘You’re fat, you’re ugly, you’re dark, you’re this, you’re that.’ And I used to cry. At 13, I was ready to die. Just so sad, crying to my mom like, ‘I’m so ugly, why did you have me? Why do I look like this? Why don’t I look like my brothers?’ It was just so many why why why’s,” she said in an Instagram video.

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Last May, Broadus, took to Instagram to speak out about her mental health struggles. She even admitted to once trying to take her own life.

“The last few weeks my mental has not been so great at one point I tried to end my life but you & my family really give me a purpose to live & helped me realize Iife is much more than materialistic things & you gotta just keep pushing through the bullshit,” she wrote at the time.

As reported by Complex, the “you” she was referring to was boyfriend Wayne Deuce, who shared the same photos in his own post on Instagram, along with the message “I love you Princess. This time is about us getting our minds right for a better and healthier lifestyle. We riding til the end.” 

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