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Michael Che Talks Future with SNL: ‘I’ve Been Here Longer Than I Will Be Here’

SNL host
Michael Che

*Comedian Michael Che joined “Saturday Night Live” in 2013 and became the first Black co-head writer of the long-running sketch comedy show. 

Earlier this year, Che said during a comedy show in Minnesota that 2022 would be his last year on the series. He later took to social media to clarify his comments, writing, “to comedy fans; please stop telling reporters everything you hear at a comedy show. youre spoiling the trick.”

In a new interview with the New York Times, Che discussed his future with the paper.

“My head has been at leaving for the past five seasons,” he said. “I do think that I’ve been here longer than I’ll be here. This show is built for younger voices and, at some point, there’ll be something more exciting to watch at the halfway mark of the show than me and dumb Jost.”

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Che dismissed reports that he is leaving, despite previously teasing that he intends to part ways with SNL.

“Who doesn’t say they’re going to quit their job when they’re at their other job?” he said. “I’m sure Biden says that twice a week.”

SNL creator Lorne Michaels told the NY Times, “If I had my way, he’ll be here. And I don’t always get my way. But when you have someone who’s the real thing, you want to hold on as long as you can.”

Meanwhile, during his comedy set at a Minnesota salon in February, Che told the crowd, “This is my last year,” with SNL and joked “You know my tie is a clip-on, right? What man wears a clip-on tie to work for eight years — that’s embarrassing.”

As the host of SNL’s Weekend Update, Che noted that he has no interest in “news” about the Ukraine-Russia war.

“Did you guys think I was gonna talk about the news?” he asked the crowd. “I don’t really do jokes. If I had jokes, I would’ve like, booked a theater. I’m in a beauty shop.”

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