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Luenell Struggling With Husband’s Illness but Keeping it Bootylicious & Still Funny As Hell: EURexclusiveWATCH

*I Heart Radio Radio and TV personality and EURweb.com Spotlight host Jazmyn ‘Jaz’ Summers chops it up with beloved original bad girl of comedy, Luenell.

The heat generated by Luenell’s bootielicious pics as a Savage X ambassador for Rihanna’s Fenty Savage X lingerie line caused Instagram to recently take all of her steamy photos down.

“I always wear what you call flowy flowy clothes. Most of the time. I’m usually trying to hide my little belly but it also hides my bootie. But its back there and Rihanna made me bring it out,” she tells EURweb.com Spotlight.

Fam if you haven’t seen the pics, here’s a few.  Who knew my girl was sooo sexy.

“I don’t just pull off my clothes and put them on Instagram for no reason,” Luenell says. ” I did do a 6 page spread for Penthouse magazine before that which makes me  probably the oldest female, black female who had a spread in Penthouse magazine. So I’ll do it for a positive reaction not nothing negative.”

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Instagram has quickly put the posts back up.

“They made the mistake of taking down pictures that were already on my Instagram. The point is that the pictures were already posted.  I just reposted them as a collage and when I put them all together I guess  it was just too Black, too strong,  too much for them. My ambassadorship is over and I’m fine with that.  I have a daughter who’s got friends and they could be like ‘yo your mom’ and I have 4 brothers and I couldn’t figure out how to block them temporarily and I don’t want to put my ass up in front of my bothers.”


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Is this bold comedian shy?  “I’m not shy but I have respect,” she explains to Jaz. “I have respect for my  brothers, I’m their little sister and I  have respect for my daughter and her college and later after college friends and I have respect for myself.  So I mean, I do what I want to obviously, but I do think about that because you know, there’s perverts in your family too, not calling my brothers that, but I’m not trying to have a weird uncle or somebody like that see me like that,” she jests.


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X Savage Fenty boss Ri Ri and her are close and she is loving Rhianna’s new man and baby daddy ASAP Rocky.

“I think that her and ASAP are a cute ass couple. He’s beautiful. I think that she’s cute. I’m over the plats now though. He could comb it out and do something else with it but he’s still a beautiful man. And I think that they are, probably having a lot of fun together. They look like they’re having a ball. It looks like they’re in love. And you know, as long as she’s happy, I’m happy. The minute he don’t make her happy, then I’m not happy. And that goes for my sisters or any of my nieces . I’m only cool with your man as long as you are cool with your man.”

Rihanna preggers
ASAP Rocky and Rihanna showing off her baby bump / Twitter

What about other couples making news? Lunell got opinions.  Kim, Ye and Pete?   “I think that Kim did have to get out because I do think that Ye needs some counseling and some relaxation. I think , after watching his documentary, he’s a genius, a really driven genius type of guy. But geniuses are also straddling the line between genius and like insanity, you know, Basquiat or any of the great,  artists . There’s a little tick to them. I think she did have to get out. I don’t know her motive for wanting to have four children when she already had had children by a clearly mentally disturbed man. She loves her kids and, and she comes from a big family. I do think there was a plot to that to maybe have a large portion of his catalog or his fortune, if he goes nuts or God forbid, anything should tragically happen to him.”

Kim Kardashian - Kanye West (heart split) - Getty
– Kanye West (Getty)

” As far as Pete Davidson, I don’t know him. Just judging, you know, being judgy. I don’t think that he’s my type of guy. I don’t dig that goofy ass ridiculousness type of humor and he’s very, very pale.  He could use a few days in the sun,” she jokes. “Maybe after going through the three marriages that Kim has , maybe it’s, , time for her to just have some reckless fun and just kick back and have some fun.”

She acknowledged the rumors that Pete is “packing.”

“Okay. Big Dick. Let’s just say it. They say that he’s got a big dick, but you can have the biggest dick in the world. And if you’re not the guy that I want, your dick is not gonna do it for me. I would never be with anybody just cuz you got a big dick. Even though we know Kim can take some dick now. Don’t we? “she laughs.

Pete Davidson

“And Kim likes her Black men just like her mama and everybody else in the family except the one with the little drummer.  But they are really of no consequence to me in the scheme of my life.  as far as just gossip and having fun, it’s fun to talk about ’em they’re on TV. But I couldn’t give less than a sh*t about any of them”

Another couple she doesn’t really give a sh*t about?  J Lo and Ben Affleck who just announced they’re moving together with all the kids to a  20,000 square foot crib, which has a pool bigger than the ocean, multiple kitchens.  Luenell’s take on it all is:


“I think that JLo should pause at some point and get to know JLo  because clearly she does not  like to be without a man. It didn’t take her two weeks to get over ARod and jump back on Ben’s dick. Her and Ben had a good thing for a while, she definitely upgraded his profile and his wardrobe and his appearance period.  I think that when Ben was with Jennifer Garner, that it was the time in his life that he needed that and he might have needed to have his kids with a regular, you know, more stable person, not so in the limelight as JLo.  I don’t know what she’s telling her children about these multiple men.  and that children’s daddy who is a motherf*cking boss and a pimp. That Mark Anthony I’ve met him. I think, maybe he was just a little too much for her because Jennifer, we all know, bosses the bosses cause she bossy. Ben might be the type of man who need a bossy woman. A lot of men out there who really appreciate a bossy woman.  I don’t know what it is, but they like a bitch to like rare up at ’em and, and not take no sh*t. You know how it is when people will push you to see how far they can push you and then if they push you too far, then sometime they lose interest. Cause they say she aint a challenge. She just let me do anything.”

Luenell says she keeps it a mix of both submissive and bossy with her man.

And lastly wassup with Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet?

Jason and Lisa
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – OCTOBER 21: Jason Momoa (L) and Lisa Bonet attend the World Premiere of Apple TV+’s “See” at Fox Village Theater on October 21, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/FilmMagic)

“Hey, he might have had some issues. We do not know what  because they’re very private. But , if I thought that he could get over her, which he can’t, they have children and he was clearly obsessed with her before they even got married. But if I thought if he would, you know, get over her, hell, I would shoot my shot. You know what I’m saying?”.

Luenell has been married for over 20 years, a rarity in Hollywood.  All of us are sending thoughts and prayers to Luenell’s husband now who is battling a serious illness.

” It’s difficult because you see a guy who is healthy electrician stud you know, make love 5, 6, 7, 8 times a day,  could build a house and do all this stuff. You see him very frail now. And, it hurts, you know? Yeah. Uh, he also used to travel with me somewhat. And or if anything, I need to fix around the house, he can do it just like them. I don’t have that.  He doesn’t live with me, he lives with his daughter because I’m traveling. And, there would be nobody here to, , monitor him and stuff. But he’s still got a good mind. He’s still got a slick ass mouth for, and so we still have lively phone and facetime conversations and I’m gonna go see him as soon as I can.”


Luenell says she’s still deeply in love with the man she’s been married to for over 20 years saying, “taking marriage vows meant being there for one another no matter what, regardless of wealth or health. ” Luenell went on to say that she and her husband were currently in the “sickness part” of their vows. However, this does not diminish her feelings for him.  She calls him a “real one.”  They share a beautiful daughter and the secret?

“I keep him off social media. First of all, he don’t even have none of that. He don’t have no Facebook. He don’t have no Instagram. He don’t have no Twitter. He don’t have no nothing. He answers the phone. He don’t have no interaction with any of this cyber shit. I respect him for that. I have to be on social because of my job and that’s just my personality., I don’t  mention his name. Cause you know, we, both have a little bit of criminal background, you know, Both of us have been incarcerated. And  you know, I don’t want nobody to say, well, I knew I knew him from somewhere. He shot me back in 85,” she laughs. ”

Luenhell is just chillin' on her B-day
Luenhell is just chillin’ on her B-day as the party’s about to begin.

Her advice for single ladies?

” I mean, you know, basically I am married, but I’m single, you know.  I mean, I love my husband. You, I would never forsake him, but you know, I, I need love too.  I want to have sex, wild, nasty sex. And its the motion of the ocean. The  size of the ship used to matter when you young. But see, I, I done ‘t had my uterus tilted to the side beforeI, my back blown out,  bladder infections, but it’s overrated. Gotta take pills for a week while they going on about where they been bragging. So it’s really the motion of the heart and the motion of the ocean more for me now.  I don’t want, you know, (she gestures super little) but, But look, you know, there are some,  not so well endowed men out there that can make you very, very, very, very happy if you take that away.  Cuz they work it probably harder than some of the, the big, big guys, the big guys rely on, they big dicks to get ’em over.”

But she cautions ” This is a very terribly tricky time to try to date anyone besides Corona, VD, syphilis and shit is still out there. Let’s not forget about that. People wanna fuck raw. They should not, that’s not healthy unless you’re in a committed relationship. And then there’s also scammers out there and it’s very difficult. I have a daughter, you know, and so I’ve always kept a pretty close monitor on who she’s messing with and she’s made some good choices in her life. I like to think that I had something to do with that. Cause my daughter was never raised with seeing a bunch of traffic of men coming in and out my house. She just never saw that. I don’t think she ever seen me in being with nobody, but my,, husband and her father. And you know, maybe, maybe somebody here and there”, she jokes.

As for clout chasing dudes, ” She doesn’t normally tell people that she’s my daughter until later when they can’t avoid being told it.”

Jerry O'Connell giving Luenell a b ig hug
Here’s funnyman Jerry O’Connell giving Luenell a big hug and kiss

Lunell has done over 100 film and TV shows,  Most recently working with Nick Cannon who we joke likes to give everybody a baby Oprah style.

“I think I need to get a good test. It was only about six weeks ago. So I think I’m gonna get tested (for pregnancy) but if he puts a baby in me as old as I am, he’s gonna be richer than he ever thought. And so will I,” she quips.

One of her funniest stories she says is with Kat Williams who she’s known over 20 years.

Katt Williams

“We were in Hawaii Kat and myself and and we got mopeds and we were gonna ride up like around diamond head and shit and everything they said not to do on the moped we did. They said we wear a helmet . We didn’t wear a helmet.   Don’t drive the mophead by water. We absolutely did that. But the funny thing is that, like years ago they usedto have this little TV character that was always riding a tricycle and fall over on a try.  Well that was me, Kat had went up this driveway and was waiting for me at the top and I was riding it, but I was not in total control of my faculties  and I didn’t make it up the ramp.  I smashed into the wall and I fell to the side and I fell on my back and he was laughing at me and the  motorcycle was laying on top of me going rrrrr rrrr rrrrrr. That’s one of my favorite funny memories that I have.

The toughest folks she worked with were sadly two prominent Black actresses who we all know well on  a movie set.  Both have had recent top TV series. Luenell says she doesn’t want the backlash that would come in putting them on blast. But she promises to reveal it soon exclusively to EURweb Spotlight.  Stay tune.

“They were extremely shitty and they’re very popular and they’re both very talented.  One was already being a asshole and the other came and helped and they both became two assholes together. I don’t even think it was hate. I think that I meant so little to them. I was of, of such no consequence to them.”

Luenell has been in the game for over 30 years and she says Black female comedians still have it tough. nHer advice you’ve got to thug it out.

“They’re still not respected and they’re still not paid first of all.  But I just think that, like  if you’re gonna play baseball with the boys, be able to play baseball, you know what I’m saying? Don’t cry when you get hit by the ball and don’t cry cause you slid in the third base and, and, and hurt yourself. If you’re gonna do comedy and you’re gonna do comedy with these men, you have to be as confident in your comedy as they are. And you have to be able to back it up.  you can’t be even okay if you’re okay, comedy, you gonna of fall into an okay category. But if you’re working with bosses, which I have had the opportunity to do a lot, be able to hold your own. You have to too think like a boss and be a boss and present your comedy like a boss. You have to be confident. And you have to realize that you don’t, don’t just do comedy for black people. You don’t just do comedy for your friends, your job as a comedian is to make everyone laugh everywhere in the world. In Canada, you need to be able to make them Canadians laugh. If you get book booked in Japan, more likely, there’s gonna be military coming to see you. You need to be able to make them laugh. They might be in a demilitarized zone. They might not have seen their kids in five years. You have to be able to make the gay community laugh. You have to do comedy for everybody unless you just wanna be a circuit ass comedian. But I wanna be great. And I wanna perform for everyone. And I want everybody to like me.  Everybody, ain’t gonna like me, but that’s what you want. I thuggged it out.”

You can catch Luenell in the “Phat Tuesday” documentary on Amazon prime about Black comedians who came along during the hip-hop era.  She’s on tour with Kat Williams and has a movie “Block Party” with Margaret Avery, billed as a Juneteenth family holiday comedy. And she’ll keep you laughing on Hey Luenell on YouTube, which is really dope. Catch up with her on the gram, Facebook and her website.

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Jazmyn Summers
Jazmyn Summers

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