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Kenan Thompson Shares Tough Subject Matters & Happy BTS Moments From ‘Kenan! | Watch

*“I don’t care who you went to sleep with as long as you “Wake Up With Kenan” for season two!”

The NBC show is set to return to TV screens January 3 2022!

“Kenan” follows morning talk-show host Kenan Williams (Kenan Thompson) as he struggles to find a balance between being a high-profile working man and a widowed single father to his two preteen daughters (Dani and Dannah Lane). He’s also housing a strongly opinionated father-in-law (Don Johnson) and his hyper-imaginative brother (Chris Redd). The show beautifully sifts through tough subject matter like grief and loss while seamlessly interjecting humor in a real and grounded way. 

EUR correspondent Tifarah Dixon talked to the star about his experience on the show and the impression he wants it to leave on the fans!

KENAN — “Christmas” Episode 207 — Pictured: (l-r) Chris Redd as Gary, Kenan Thompson as Kenan — (Photo by: Jordin Althaus/NBC)

TD: Having been in the entertainment industry as an actor and writer for over two decades, what’s something that you consider refreshing about “Kenan?”

KT: It’s very refreshing to get to a place where I actually sold an idea and it’s actually getting made! This is my third time around the creative cycle. With each idea, it takes a couple of years out of your life to get to a point where it’s written, sold…The fact everybody’s starting to feel good about it from head to toe or front to back, that’s not necessarily a relief but is definitely a great feeling; like ‘thank God’ we can finally move forward with the main objective – which is to be funny.


TD: In this show you tackle a lot of topics from grief to self-care and confidence. What has been your favorite subject to act out on the show?

KT: For me, it sounds morbid but that’s definitely been the one that’s most intriguing for my character and involvement in the show – [the grief aspect]. How does a person even deal with such a reality of having to lose maybe their best friend, partner in life, or their soulmate? What do you do with life after that? It’s tough with kids but kids might be the reminder that life goes on. That’s been highly intriguing for me.

​“Kenan” season two premieres January 3 at 8 pm and will air back-to-back episodes through January!

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