Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Holiday Shopping Tips Amid COVID Pandemic

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*When it comes to holiday shopping, there are so many apps and coupons these days that help ensure you buy gifts for everyone on your list. 

As the nation enters the second pandemic holiday season, amid delays and stock shortages, Americans are being encouraged to start their holiday shopping early. 

Below is a list of shopping tips via WIRED to help you plan ahead.

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Our Best Holiday Shopping Tips

On the Gear team, we are more or less professional shoppers. As we’ve been preparing our coverage for the holiday season, I have tips to share that might be helpful.

Start early. It starts with reading this article and drawing up a list. As much as we love Black Friday, this is not the year to wait for major discounts if you have your heart set on gifting a Dyson vacuum or new iPhone. It might not arrive by the holiday, or it might be out of stock for the foreseeable future.

Be realistic. We get as excited as the next consumer over the latest, greatest thing. However, many manufacturers, like Google, are already whittling down their inventory to make sure they can keep items in stock. Do not fixate on one specific style or color. Flagship products, like classic crewneck sweaters and jeans, will be easier to come by.

Check the retailer. Bigger retailers, such as Walmart, Home Depot, and yes, Amazon, are able to maneuver around port congestion by chartering their own ships, switching from ocean freight to air freight, or buying their own planes. If you want a highly specific item, you can increase your chances of getting it on time, or at all, by ordering from a larger retailer.

Check the shipping deadlines. The manufacturers and shipping container industries aren’t the only links in the supply chain problem that are suffering. On the Gear team, we have many bones to pick with delivery people that sling packages at our houses like deadly shuriken. But every shipping company, from FedEx to the US Postal Service, has seen severe staffing shortages this year. Be patient and leave cookies in your mailbox.

Keep your shopping domestic and local. The best way to make sure your loved one receives a present is by picking it up yourself. This is a great year to walk to your local toy or book store a few weeks early. These are a few of our favorite small and local businesses. You can also search Etsy and filter by country or zip code.

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