Friday, July 1, 2022

‘The Drummer Loves Ballads’ is the Debut Album of John Armato | WATCH

“The Drummer Loves Ballads” is a unique full-album listening experience featuring extraordinary music, musicians, and moods, produced and engineered by some of the industry’s top talent.

*From Christmas toy drums to first lessons, from his first professional gig to a tour of Russia, drums have been John Armato’s constant companion.

He has played clubs and concerts from New York City to Napa Valley and was a member of the trio behind Lisa Henry, a winner of the prestigious Thelonious Monk Institute Vocal Jazz Competition.

While the beat and burst of high-energy drums captured his attention early on, it was the swish and sizzle of ballads that captured his heart. It was always about the beauty, not just the bang. (As a kid, after seeing Buddy Rich repeatedly on the “Tonight Show with Johnny Carson,”Armato asked his parents for an album by the drum legend for his birthday, but “one with a whole band playing, not just a bunch of drum solos.”)

Forty years ago, Armato played one of his first jam sessions. That’s where the story of The Drummer Loves Ballads — and the album itself — begins.

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A Kansas City native, New York City ex-pat, and now a Sacramento resident, Armato appears on the CDs “Claudette,” by Sacramento vocalist Claudette Stone and “Comfort” by Texas praise singer Lisa Bloecher. “The Drummer Loves Ballads” is his first release as leader.
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