Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Christina Cooper Releases New Television Streaming Platform Network

Cooper Cinema TV (logo)*You might be familiar with Christina Cooper as a producer, actress, and film director (otherwise known for her BET network movie “South Central Love”), but now Cooper is stepping into the streaming network world to compete with platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, etc.

She has an amazing team of intelligent women with her on this new business venture. The streaming television company named Cooper Cinema TV named La’Tonda Hardy-Davis as President of the TV network. There have also been more names added to this fantastic team of women. Previously at Lionsgate, Geovana Williams will join the company as Head of Development and Strategy.

The platform will also have a TV channel named “Cultvre TV,” which will be available on the Cooper Cinema platform with J’Tasha St.Cyr as the CEO of the Cultvre TV channel network department. These talented women of color teamed up together to create an incredible platform to watch tv, movies, and more!

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Cooper Cinema tvCooper Cinema TV is a new streaming tv channel network created by real-life independent filmmakers, soon to be available on televisions worldwide and on all streaming devices. Cooper Cinema TV was created similar to the Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime streaming platform layouts. The platform will have multiple categories such as Drama, Comedy, New releases, Horror, Action, Movies, Tv series, Documentaries, etc.

They have also decided to expand their categories to include: upcoming filmmakers, teen filmmakers, women filmmakers, and categories that highlight filmmakers of color. They will also have a separate channel titled Cultvre TV that will showcase cinema & television for the culture by the culture.

It will be a monthly subscription for customers. There are a few good streaming platforms out there but not one like Cooper Cinema tv, a platform giving you what the rest are offering, but plus more! More for the people with talent who don’t have the opportunity or connections to view their content worldwide.

Cooper Cinema TV wants to offer you these gems and hope to inspire more inclusivity within the film industry by providing a new-age streaming OTT & SVOD platform!

Welcome to the new generation of television.

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