Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Kevin Garnett: From Big Ticket to Meal Ticket: $300K Monthly in Spousal Support!

Kevin Garnett
‘Uncut Gems’ with Kevin Garnett

*Jimmy Jam, one half of the legendary Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis production duo, is the brother-in-law of Kevin Garnett. That’s right, the Kevin Garnett that was one of the best power forwards in the game not long ago.  

Now, he’s doing somethings that we like, appearing in films and as one of the most captivating storytellers among his post-NBA comrades. Most recently he starred in “Uncut Gems”, starring Adam Sandler. But we hope he got a big time bag off that because, according to ILoveOldSchool.com, Garnett is getting blistered with $300,000 dollars a month in SPOUSAL support and $46,000 for the babies, 13 and 8 years old.  

Garnett and Brandi Padillia seemed solid from the outside looking in. They dated for several years before getting married back in 2004 … but obviously the relationship ran its course. Meanwhile, Jimmy Jam and wife Lisa Padilla (Brandi’s sister), are still together after almost 30 years

According to sources at ILoveOldSchool.com, the Padillia sisters have had the phrase “gold digger” tossed at them. But that’s likely coming from broke dudes and jealous chicks. But EURweb don’t know one way or another. And y’all ain’t ‘bout to have us out here lying. 

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Kevin Garnett, Brandi Garnett / Getty
Kevin Garnett, Brandi Padilla / Getty

However, the Big Ticket may beg to differ as he’s currently the Big Meal Ticket from here on out as far as his ex is concerned. 

Another portion that we can neither confirm nor deny is the ongoing brotherly bond between Garnett and Jimmy Jam, who his alleged to have convinced Garnett to play one more year after the 2016-17 season. 

And, not for nothing, there are a ton of stories on Undefeated, and from other sources, that speak to their friendship.  

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