Sunday, September 25, 2022

Curtis Crosland was Exonerated by Evidence in Police Files After 34 Years in Prison

Curtis Crosland (screenshot)
Curtis Crosland (screenshot)

*A wrongfully accused Philadelphia man named Curtis Crosland has been freed after spending more than three decades in prison. He was accused of murdering a man and had been serving time for years until his case was reviewed.

He has since been reunited with his fiancée, five kids, and 32 grandkids. Speaking about his newfound freedom, Crosland expressed joy and happiness for finally being heard after “constantly knocking on the door.”

Crosland also opened up about how he feels about being with his family, who welcomed him back with open arms. He is glad to still be a father, happy to be wanted and desired by his fiancée.

Crosland’s conviction was initially based on testimony from two witnesses who later recanted their statements. The unfair ruling was overturned in June thanks to months of grueling work done by the Philadelphia Conviction Integrity Unit (CIU).

The unit was established in 2018 by the office of Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, and its purpose was to look into unjust convictions and claims of innocence. Since it started operating, it has forgiven up to 22 wrongfully accused inmates, with Crosland being the 22nd.  More details and other news on our website. Link in BIO

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