Friday, September 30, 2022

Busted in Luck But Hope to the Rescue! Artist Richard Hutchins is Reborn | VIDEO

Rocket and Hutchins
Charlie Rocket and artist Richard Hutchins

*Imagine you’re good at something, but you don’t know what to do about it. You’re not sure how to get your work recognized, or even what prices to charge and on top of it – let’s say you’re broke and living homeless in L.A. That was Richard Hutchins’ plight just a few weeks ago. But not anymore.

Hutchins, an ex-convict, has been painting a long time. In his youth he was commissioned to create art for stars like Muhammad AliRichard Pryor and Marvin Gaye.

But the good old days bled out – into a busted old sad tale.

Where Hutchins remembers spending 23 hours a day in a jail cell and feeling so bored, he just had to do something about himself. So, he assembled a paint brush using tied up bristles – made of hairs from his beard. He used M&M candies – to make the paint and he produced over 150 drawing for friends and fellow inmates.

Officials got wind of his talent and let him draw murals on the walls of the correctional facility. Before too long, released from jail, Hutchins got to re-try his luck as a free man.

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Less than a month ago, Hutchins was living on the streets. He’d been homeless for a few years since his art studio burned down. Think of the pleasant grey-haired black-man leaning on a junk-filled-shopping cart in the cut off the corner –  who is friendly, doesn’t ask for money and always hollers out with something clever or kind to say.

That’s how Hutchins met Charlie Rocket – who just happened to be 2 Chainz’s ex-manager.

“Nephew, let me drive that car tonight.”

Rocket said to his friend, I like him. Hutchins didn’t ask Rocket for money, instead he told Rocket his dream and that was the beginning of discovery and a partnership. Rocket said Hutchins is an Uber-talented artist.

What a story! In just a few weeks Hutchins went from homeless to selling two of his paintings to Oprah Winfrey (Winfrey offered him a total of $6,500). His first two clients were 2 Chainz and Steve Harvey.

Plus, Hutchins now hosts an art show/auction in a Beverly Hills gallery. His work was featured at the Sofitel Hotel last week where 500 people, including Damon Dash, saw his paintings, according to TMZ.

Also, Hutchins’ new friend Charlie Rocket helped him create an art web site. He’s just starting but Hutchins has already earned more than $200,000 and It’s only been a few weeks.

“I didn’t give up my dream. I didn’t lose hope. My spirit wasn’t broken,” Hutchins said.




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