Monday, August 8, 2022

Blac China Says Footage Proves No Harm Present on Baby Daddy Rob’s Body | VIDEO

Blac China and Rob 2
Getty Image Blac China and baby daddy Rob Kardashian

*If you didn’t already hear, Rob Kardashian and Kylie Jenner went after Blac Chyna with a law suit. Yep that happened. But more recently, Blac Chyna says she has proof things didn’t go quite like they said.

Since Rob Kardashian and his sister, the socialite and cosmetics mogul, Kylie Jenner claimed an intoxicated Blac Chyna (real name: Angela White) pulled a gun after brandishing a 6-ft metal pole at Rob in 2017, Blac Chyna is ready to clear her name. But, does she have enough evidence to do that? Or is there something else brewing. You be the judge.

So listen, according to theJasmineBrand, Radar Online did some investigative reporting and found documents detailing the scoop.

It turns out there is unseen “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” footage that Blac Chyna and her attorneys think will support BC’s counter argument.  TheJasmineBrand also reported Chyna’s lawyers gained access to the ever illuminating clip.

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The video is claimed to show that Rob had no injuries “anywhere on his body.”

No injuries anywhere on his body? Anywhere? Does that mean it’s an X rated video? And like what does that have to do with pointing a gun and wielding a rod pole? Are we missing something? There has to be more to this…

There is more to this. Rob and Kylie said it was an attack…

But, moving forward, Blac Chyna also said what her baby’s daddy and his sister claimed obviously isn’t true since Rob did tell investigators that she (Blac Chyna) never hurt him.  Plus, Blac China reasons that if what they said was true, wouldn’t the family have brought it up in the child custody hearings? None of that ever happened, she said.

Furthermore, theJasmineBrand says Chyna’s attorneys say it was all taken out of proportion, that Blac Chyna was only flirting with Rob and holding the gun in a non-threatening way. In light of the video Blac China wants the judge to throw out the case.




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