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Step Curry Says 76ers Will Win it All & His Brother Seth Will be the NBA Finals MVP

Golden State Warriors v Atlanta Hawks
Stephen Curry (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

*Golden State Warriors superstar guard Stephen Curry recently sat down with Ann Killion of The San Francisco Chronicle and revealed he is now a Sixers fan. He also predicts his brother Seth Curry – who plays for Philly – will be the Finals MVP. 

“I’m a pseudo-Sixer fan now,” Stephen said, predicting a Philadelphia-Utah Finals, with Philadelphia winning and Seth named Finals MVP.

Elsewhere in the interview, Steph addressed his second year missing the playoffs. Per Fadeaway World, “The Warriors lost two games in the play-in tournament, which led to an early finish to their season,” the outlet writes. 

“I’m not the type to turn them off because I’m not playing,” he said. “That first Memphis-Utah game was hard, because I imagined in my head, mentally and physically, that we should be playing right now. Once we got that over, I was good. I love watching and playing. The whole deal.”

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Meanwhile, Curry spoke to Good Morning America in May about his new competitive game show “Holey Moley II: The Sequel” as well as homeschooling his kids during the pandemic going?”

“I got a bad review from my second grader,” he said of the process. “She said ‘you gotta go back to the drawing board’. You have to have some kind of graciousness with yourself, it’s hard.”

When asked if he would be down with playing with or against a guy that tested positive for COVID19, Curry replied: “Oh that’d be tough. I mean, that’s one of the things that you’re having to address because that is a real scenario. If you try to play and there is no vaccine, there’s no way to really guarantee nobody’s going to get it. I think if you are at a place where everybody says yeah we’re ready to play and then they know what they’re committing to. And if not, it doesn’t make sense, then you won’t see a ball bounce.

Curry is an executive producer on “Holey Moley,” a miniature golf battle that airs Thursday nights on ABC.

“It’s putt-putt on steroids,” he said. “It’s a mixture of comedy. It’s great family fun, but it’s miniature golf at its root.”

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