Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Stephen Curry Conducts Coronavirus Q&A with Dr. Fauci [WATCH]

*Stephen Curry conducted an informative Instagram Live interview with leading health expert Dr. Stephen Fauci, a member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, to ask some common questions about the deadly disease.

Thursday’s discussion was watched on Instagram by over 50,000 viewers, including former president Barack Obama, Daily Mail reports. Fauci believes America will be better prepared if and when another COVID-19 outbreak occurs. He also reiterated that the elderly and those with health conditions are at greater risk of death, and stressed the importance of social distancing and self isolation.

“There are some people who are younger, people your age … who don’t have any underlying conditions, who are getting seriously ill …” said Fauci, an immunologist, who played Basketball for New York’s Regis High School before attending Holy Cross in 1958. “That’s the reason why we talk about being very careful—physical distancing, doing the kind of social separation—it means not only for the elderly, but the young people have to do it too … We really do have a responsibility to protect the vulnerable ones.”

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Curry then asked whether someone who recovered from the virus can catch it again.

“If you’re infected and you recover, the question is: When can you go out and be safe to not infect others?” Fauci began. “The general rule is you have to have two cultures 24 hours apart that are negative … As more people get infected, that likely is not going to be feasible, so we’re going to have to set some guidelines.”

He continued: “… Once you get infected, can you get reinfected? We haven’t done the specific testing to determine that, but if this acts like every virus similar to it that we know, the chances are overwhelming that if you get infected, recover from infection, that you are not going to get infected with the same virus. Which means you can then safely go out into the community and feel immune.”

Obama posted in the comments, “Listen to the science. Do your part and take care of each other. Thank you, Steph and Dr. Fauci.”

The two also discussed the status of a vaccine, the restrictions that state and local officials are rolling out across the country, and the fear that is grappling the nation amid the global crisis. 

“There’s a dichotomy between people who are frightened to death and people who don’t even believe it,” Fauci said. “It’s not convenient to lock yourself in, it’s not convenient for you [Curry] to not be playing basketball … but we’re going through a time when we have to pull together as a country to not get intimidated and do the kinds of things that can put an end to it.”

You can watch the full Q&A in the video above.

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