Friday, August 19, 2022

Terry McMillan Quits Twitter After LGBTQ Bullies Harass Her Over Tweet About Celebrities Coming Out

terry mcmillan
Terry McMillan via Google Images

*Author Terry McMillan shut down her Twitter account after being bullied by members of the LGBTQ community for commenting on the way celebrities come out. 

McMillian famously sued her young Jamaican husband Jonathan Plummer in 2007 for fraud after he came out as gay. Over the weekend Terry deactivated her Twitter after being harassed for writing: “I don’t understand why celebrities have to announce their sexuality. Just be who you are.” 

And with that, the bullies within the LGBTQ community dragged her for filth until she quit social media altogether, Rhymes With Snitch reports. One reader commented, “Girl stfu and just eat your food. You got a Waiting to Exhale tv series about to take off, please dont fck up your bag.”

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Another added, “I thought Terri had come out . She looks like she’s been between a few thighs here and there. Breathe smelling like Massengil.”

A third wrote, “Telling people to be who they are and when people be who they are, people still have a problem with it. Damned if ya do damned if ya don’t”

McMillian had a few defenders, with reader writing “I agree I’m so sick of celebrities announcing their sexual orientations or pronouns….we don’t care.”

Another wrote, “I’m a bisexual woman and I agree with Terry. Everybody don’t have to make grand announcements. Look at Queen Latifah. Everyone know she’s a stud but she never announced it and just lived her life openly. Same with Andersen Cooper,” the user said. “But I also agree with her detractors. Their dumbasses didn’t have to built her. But Had coming out not been stigmatized back then, she wouldn’t have been in the situation she was in. Her ex husband was trifling as hell to lead her on. However, we have to get over the homophobia/biphohia. LGBTQ+ people deserve happiness and if it’s bad to live your truth than to lie.”

A commenter named ms mac added, “I don’t understand either, Terry. People should be able to screw whoever they want as long as it’s consensual, safe and doesn’t involve a minor. And those same people shouldn’t expect special right, privileges, or favors just because whoever they’re screwing can share their razor or tampon.”

McMillian deactivated her Twitter account after the bullies accused her of being socially unaware of her straight privilege. Do you agree?

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