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Amber Rose Has Questions for Mystery Woman Over Her Baby Daddy AE Edwards

Alexander “AE” Edwards (L) and Amber Rose – Source: Getty Images North America)

*The internet is currently intrigued with Amber Rose because she reached out to a woman to confirm whether she used to have a relationship with Amber’s baby daddy Alexander “AE” Edwards

As reported by AceShowbiz, Amber reached out to the woman in a private message before deleting it. 

“Hey boo just came across ur message but can’t see it,” Amber told the woman, who later shared the conversation on TikTok. Denying Amber’s claims, the woman said, “Hey i don’t recall sending you any message.”

Amber replied, “You did you must’ve deleted it. All good.” She went on to say, “I know you talked to Alex before. I’m not trippin babe. I didn’t recognize you by your profile picture until you opened up your page. I was being nosy and looked through his blocked list on his phone. You came up. Then I found ur page and saw that you sent me a message. Didn’t know if you were trying to tell me something?”

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Amber urged the woman to keep it real. “If I had something to tell you, I would’ve told you before you sent me the 21 messages, followed me and unfollowed me,” she wrote, to which Amber responded, “Lol wait Why are you mad at me? I followed assuming you couldn’t write me back if I didn’t follow.”

She continued, “Look, I’m a woman first I’m not coming at you at all. Didn’t know if y’all spoke that’s all. Especially while he was with me.” With the woman feignign ignorance, Amber responded, “I’m asking did you talk to him while he was with me? Meet up with him? I don’t care about before I met him.” The woman ended it by responding, “No, I haven’t.”

Several of Amber’s followers praised her for not being messy and handling the situation like a grown a** woman.

Check out their IG exchange via the posts above/below. 


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