Saturday, September 25, 2021

Irv Gotti Apologizes for Claiming DMX Died from Crack Cocaine and Fentanyl Overdose

Irv Gotti & DMX (Getty)
Irv Gotti & DMX (Getty)

*After catching heat for comments he made about DMX’s death, Irv Gotti has issued an apology for claiming the rapper died from crack cocaine and fentanyl overdose. 

“They said it was a bad dose of crack, and they said some drug fentanyl was mixed in with the crack and that’s what made him overdose,” Gotti said last week during an interview with Chicago’s 107.5 WGCI. “Then when he got to the hospital, he got diagnosed with COVID and he couldn’t breathe. You know that COVID messes with your respiratory system, so that’s why he had to get hooked up to the ventilator. But they said before he did, he was brain dead.”

The interview ignited backlash among fans and fellow artists, including X’s longtime friend and producer Swizz Beatz and 50 Cent. The latter shared a clip of the interview on Instagram, along with the caption: “This guy is a idiot … did he just say DMX died from smoking crack and fentanyl! why would he say that?”

In case you missed Gotti’s initial remarks, check out the Instagram video below.

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On Saturday, Irv responded to the backlash in an Instagram post featuring a #throwback photo of him and DMX.

“Now Everything I said had already been reported in the media …” Irv wrote. “Everything I said had been out there already. I did not break anything I said. But you know what, I understand. No one wanted to hear it from me. And for that I am truly sorry. To ever make people think. I don’t love my n***a X.”

Irv went on to say that he apologized to X’s former wife Tashera Simmons, and he reached out and apologized to Ruff Ryders Entertainment executives Darrin Dee Dean and Joaquin Waah Dean.

“I apologize for talking out of turn. In my defense, I honestly thought I wasn’t saying anything that everyone didn’t hear already,” he continued. “If anyone thinks the love I have for X is nothing but genuine unconditional love. Just look at our history. Really look at it. And there is no way you can think that. Love you X.”

You can read Irv’s full post above.

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