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Janet Hubert Joins Cast of Tracy Morgan’s Hit Comedy Series ‘The Last O.G.’


*Janet Hubert, best known as Aunt Viv on “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” is joining the cast of “The Last O.G” starring Tracy Morgan and Tiffany Haddish.

Co-created and executive produced by Jordan Peele, “The Last O.G.” follows Morgan as a man who gets out of prison and returns to Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant, only to find it overrun with hipster gentrification. 

Per Deadline, Hubert will join the series as Miss May Miller. One of Roberta’s (Anna Maria Horsford) oldest and dearest friends and weekly bid whist partner. As Brooklyn teens they were rivals. However, in their later years they settled into a strong friendship as part of a weekly card playing foursome who weigh in on the comings and goings of Tray Barker’s (Morgan) struggle to bring positive change to his community after doing fifteen years in prison for selling crack.

Hubert’s credits include “The Job,” “General Hospital,” “The Bernie Mac Show,” “One Life to Live” and “If Loving You Is Wrong.” She received her 2020 Daytime Emmy nomination for her performance in “King Ester.”  The actress recently appeared in HBO Max’s “Fresh Prince” reunion, and later revealed that she “absolutely” contemplated suicide following her exit from the beloved comedy series.

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Janet Hubert

Speaking with PopViewers, a new Black-owned pop culture app, Hubert dished about her legendary career, and recalled her experience on ‘Fresh Prince.’ She admitted it was bittersweet when she learned she landed the role of “Aunt Viv.”

“I didn’t want it! I didn’t want it because I knew I was not what they were looking for,” she explained. “Sometimes when you think you know something…you don’t know sh*t!” She adds that when she flew out for the “test” run, she “didn’t even try.”

After leaving the show, Hubert had mounting financial responsibilities, a new business, and an infant son, and the pressure was building up. Per MadameNoire, when asked if she had ever contemplated suicide, Hubert said… “Absolutely, because I figured I had a life insurance policy that would take care of my son,” she shared. “Because you figured… I’m not gonna make it. I can’t live through this. This is too much. People would attack. People would say things. People would say hurtful things, but he was an infant. What was I going to do?”

Her son is what kept her going during her darkest moments.

“He saved me. He really did. My son. Because I knew I had to take care of that little boy. ‘Fresh Prince’ had not gone into syndication yet, so there was no money for a few years until they did enough episodes to make syndication. I was in the third season negotiating for the fourth season. It was hard. There were moments when I felt so broken. So low. I didn’t know what I could do. There were moments where I wanted to die.”

Check out Herbert full interview below:

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