Thursday, May 13, 2021

King YAHWEH Highlights a Huge Community Supporter ‘Kamp Keisha’ – A Major International Success Born During COVID-19


Keisha Harrold2
Keisha Harrold

*COVID 19 has claimed the lives, livelihood, and business of many people around the world. However, there are a few exceptions.

Being homebound due to the international pandemic has caused people to struggle to make ends meet, create new unhealthy habits, and go into a new way of life like never before.

During this catastrophic time, one woman, Keisha Harrold, stepped out against all odds and started a brand new business helping others change their lives by way of health consciousness. Her tenacity gave birth to the brand “Kamp Keisha.”

The hot new buzz is on this new fitness gear brand designed to help both men and women slim down with style. Yielding remarkable results just short of miraculous, these garments replace self-consciousness with self-confidence while worn to the gym, daily walks, or even added in as fashionable everyday wearables. When users take heed to the straight forward disclaimer which says “the garments will only do so much. You have to do the rest”, they submit before and after photos showing just how phenomenal the garments are when adequately worn and used as an aid to an overall healthy lifestyle of fitness.

Keisha Harrold before after
Keisha Harrold before after

Harrold’s products are sold online on her They ship internationally and boasts a following of loyal customers all over the USA, Canada, London, Switzerland, India, and throughout the entire continent of Africa.

Keeping close with her roots, Harrold constantly gives back to the community and is a significant contributor to many charitable organizations including the Kingdom of Yahweh. Kamp Keisha has experienced tremendous success and continues to expand with the long-term goal of being one of the top five giants in the fitness apparel industry.

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