Wednesday, April 21, 2021

‘I Know There’s Not a Klan Sign in the Window Next Door’: Black Michigan Woman Outraged (Video)

KKK Flag hangs in window facing a Black neighbor in Grosse Point, MI

*A Black woman in Grosse Pointe Park was stunned Tuesday to see a KKK flag in the window of a home that directly faces her house.

Jedonna Dinges says she installed a security camera after someone put a full gasoline container in her dumpster three weeks ago. The camera points toward the home of the neighbor in question, and he was not happy. Next thing she knew, her camera was filming a ku klux klan flag that had popped up in his window.

“I said, I know there’s not a klan sign in the window next door,” said Dinges. “And I opened the curtains and I looked and sure enough, there was a klan sign in the window next door.”

Dinges shared a picture of the flag on her Facebook page and with local and federal authorities, which prompted local police to visit the neighbor’s house and urge him to take it down. All they could do was “urge,” because according to authorities, hanging a hate flag inside of his home does not violate any laws.

“Detectives who came out from the Grosse Pointe Park Police Department told me, that the reason the neighbors put the klan sign up was because I put a camera on my windowsill to record what was happening along the side of my house to protect myself,” she said.

Jedonna Dinges

“When the police asked the neighbor about it, he said ‘Well I didn’t want to go over there and say anything to her, we never had any problems with them,'” she said. “They made it clear with the police we never had any problem with her, but we’re non-confrontational people. I don’t know how you get any more confrontational than a klan sign.”

Meanwhile, other neighbors and local authorities are outraged at the man’s display. Grosse Pointe Park’s elected officials have condemned it. “We need to make it clear that that sort of behavior is not welcome in our city,” said Grosse Pointe Park Mayor Robert Denner.

“We’re shocked,” said Lauri Read, Grosse Pointe Park councilwoman. “Sadly Jedonna was not shocked by these actions and that says a lot.”

Jedonna says the support she’s gotten from other residents has been overwhelming.

“The number of people that have reached out to me, I’m overcome with emotion at the love and support that I’ve received from strangers in my community,” she said.

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  1. Weelll…. NOW we know who left the gas can of GAS in her dumpster! Not that we can prove it…….Did the police take some “prints”?
    Its called FREE SPEECH, YOU may NOT like the speech but the “guy across the street” has a RIGHT to make his feelings, opinions and thoughts KNOWN.
    He can hang that flag inside his house/window, he can hang it OUTSIODE his house/window!
    It may NOT BE IN GOOD TASTE! BUT HE HAS E V E R Y RIGHT to put up or display on his PROPERTY! As long as it does NO PHYSICAL HARM to anyone who walks by OR UP on to HIS PROPERTY!!
    HOWEVER, IF he’s renting…THEN he has to clear with his LANDLORD, anything he wants to put up/display outside.


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