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‘High on Heels’ Documentary Takes Us into a Woman’s World Through Her Shoes / WATCH

*Marilyn Monroe once said, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” For many women wearing a pair of high heels is a right of passage; a young lady transitioning into a woman. Whether it’s a night on the town or a casual day in the office, heels are an important staple in a lady’s wardrobe.

In his newly released documentary “High on Heels,” Director Adelin Gasana takes a dive into the heel industry. From the ancient history of the shoes to modern-day health effects of wearing them, Gasana covers it all.

“I was somewhat fascinated with the whole high heel story for the longest. As I’m lightly diving into the research, I realized how multi-layered it is and how deeply woven it is. It’s not just a stylish shoe, It’s not just an accessory,” says the Atlanta-based filmmaker.

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The short film took about 15 months to complete. It included interviews from many key players in the shoe industry including shoe boutique owners, pole dancers, fashion models, a shoe cobbler, and even a chiropractor. The documentary portrays high heels as an experience for women.

“It represents beauty, sexuality, sophistication, professionalism, style, etiquette and we wanted to highlight that,” Gasana says.

“High on Heels” is a conversational story. Gasana wanted viewers to not see the shoes as just an accessory but also a piece of history. During the research, the team learned that heels actually began with men wearing them. Gasana says during medieval times men used shoes with heels to go to war and as a method to extend their height.

Gasana and Producer, Lola Kayode, did not fall short of excluding anything in this new documentary. The story provides a neutral stance on the representation of heels. It allows the viewer to decide for themselves and have candid discussions on whether heels represent sexism, or even if the shoes are healthy to be worn.

You can watch “High on Heels” on Amazon Prime or here on YouTube. The film was also accepted into the Miami, L.A., and U.K. Fashion Film Festivals.



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