Thursday, January 21, 2021

Actress Rebel Wilson Says Gunmen Kidnapped Her in Mozambique


*Actress Rebel Wilson has revealed that she was kidnaped while traveling in Africa.

Speaking on Sky One’s travel show, “Straight Talking,” with host Ant Middleton, Wilson recalled the scary moment she was travelling with some companions in Mozambique and their vehicle was taken over by a group of gunmen.

“We were on this cattle truck and these men came on another truck with a lot of guns,” she said, via The Daily Mail. “[They pulled up beside us] with the big guns and they were like, ‘Yeah, you’ve got to get off your truck.'”

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Wilson said they were taken to a house “in the middle of nowhere” and held overnight. 

“They sat us down, and I said, ‘Everybody link arms,’ because I was petrified in the night that they might want to take one of the girls or something,'” she recalled.

“I felt like I was very good in the crisis,” Wilson added. “I was like a team leader.”

Luckily, the nightmare lasted only 24 hours, as Wilson and her group were allowed to leave the next morning, unharmed. 

“We didn’t ask any questions,” she said. “We just got back on that truck and got out of there and crossed the South African border a few hours later.”

“I think maybe those guys, maybe, used us to smuggle illegal things in the bottom of the truck,” she added.

Middleton dished with Wilson in Mexico for his Sky One show. Elsewhere in their conversation, the Australian funnywoman admitted to ‘not loving’ herself between the ages of 20 to 40.

“I feel so sad for myself that I did that. You know, not loving yourself in the right way,” she revealed, getting emotional.

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