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Bowlegged Lou’s Personal Refections of Whodini’s Ecstasy/John Fletcher / VIDEO

Jalil BowleggedLou Ecstasy - facebook_1608758820162_6747623554444213901
Jalil (Whodini), Bowlegged Lou (Full Force), Ecstasy (Whodini)

*Hey y’all, Bowlegged Lou/Full Force here … It’s a sad day as I didn’t want to believe it when I heard it earlier.  I send “One Love” to Heaven as our hip hop brother to the right of me in the picture above … John Fletcher aka Ecstasy of Whodini passed away earlier today. R.I.P and condolences to his groupmates, Jalil on the left in this pic and to DJ Grandmaster D as well as Ecstasy’s family & friends.

Besides being so talented with his patented and distinct Hip Hop vocal along with this trademark hat, he was such a great guy. Full Force was honored to work in the studio with Ecstasy (aka Ex) when we produced a song on Whodini for the Nightmare On Elm Street Soundtrack entitled “Anyway You Wanna Swing it.” Just a great dude to be around and to convo with. Great spirit.

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Ecstasy - GettyImages-884161228
Ecstasy/John Fletcher – GettyImages

I was also honored to appear in a video with Ecstasy, Ja & Drew Gmd Carter aka Grandmaster D for my favorite Whodini song, “Funky Beat!” I always told Ex (Ecstasy) that one of my favorite lines in that song was when he said “NOW THAT WHODINI IS INSIDE THE JOINT. Also, Ecstasy was so happy when Whodini got their flowers with The VH1 Hip Hop Honors tribute to them.

Everybody that knew Ex, loved that brother as he was full of love. Let’s don’t forget that Whodini were the ones to coin the phrase ‘One Love’ from their hit song “One Love.”

Whodini album cover

Ex also played with us on a lot of our Full Force All-Star Celebrity basketball squads. The brother could hoop too, as he especially did damage when we played against New Edition on BET years ago. Such a great person and a good guy.

Friends, how many of us have them? You were one of them, my beloved friend. Rest in Paradise, Ex.

Watch “Whodini – Funky Beat”:

Check out the video that I was talking about, Funky Beat. It was an honor to appear in this video with Ecstasy, Jalil and Grandmaster D. Funky Beat was my favorite Whodini song and not just because I was in the video. It was just a dope joint.

One of the first songs to feature a rap act’s DJ rappin lyrics which was Grandmaster D.

And my favorite signature distinct vocal line of that record was when the music stopped and my man Ecstasy said “Now That Whodini Is Inside The Joint”

Also in the video having fun with the fellas was Malcolm Jamal Warner, Bobby Brown, Run DMC, Donnie Simpson, Kurtis Blow,Mixmaster Ice,Boxer Mark Breland & even Cynthia Horner from Right On Magazine & others.

Ex was such a great dude. REST IN PEACE John Fletcher aka ECSTASY.

Watch “New Edition vs Full Force Charity Basketball 1988” via YouTube:

This is the video where Ecstasy appears right in the beginning talking smack on behalf of Full Force as he & Grandmaster D with Doctor Ice of UTFO played with us on our Full Force all stars celebrity basketball team where we played against New Edition.

Ecstasy had a good game also as he kept joking to Donnie Simpson after the game saying that he helped New Edition win while playing on our side. Lolol. The score would have been closer if Donnie Simpson wouldn’t have scored in the wrong opposite basket giving New Edition two free points. Jeeeez Donnie.



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