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THE REAL: The Ladies Make Their Choices for Time Magazine’s ‘Person of the Year’

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*On Monday, Dec. 7, the ladies of The Real make their own suggestions for Time magazine’s annual “Person of the Year” issue! Co-host Garcelle Beauvais’s choices are more specific to political figures, while the other co-hosts believe that the recipient should be a compilation of many average citizens who have gone above and beyond to better society in 2020.

Also, who changes more in a relationship: men or women? The ladies discuss their thoughts on this topic and ultimately agree that not all change is bad.

And, it’s the most wonderful time of the year! The ladies of The Real surprise Nicole McClendon, a 27 yr. old single mother of five from Atlanta, GA. Nicole, who was laid off from her job at the beginning of the pandemic, is struggling to feed her family. The hosts make sure she has a happy holiday by gifting her $5,000!

Later, Jason Derulo stops by to chat about his new single, “Love Not War”, how he became a partner in the Bedlam vodka company, and the success he has had on Tik-Tok. He also explains how he started working with Will Smith on viral videos and that he has emulated his career after the iconic musician/actor/producer.

The Ladies Give Their Nominations For Time’s “Person of the Year”

Who Changes More in a Relationship: Men or Women?

The Ladies of The Real Hook Up a Single Mother With $5K for the Holidays!

Jason Derulo on Working With and Emulating the Career of Will Smith

The Ladies Give Their Nominations For Time’s “Person of the Year”

Garcelle Beauvais: I would say Stacey Abrams because she had a huge impact on the election this year. I would also say Dr. Fauci because, you know, he’s the face of, you know, sort of—a face we trust and sort of correlate with, um, COVID. And my third one is a little out there. It’s Eric Yuan… and he is the CEO of Zoom. Where would we be if we didn’t have Zoom?!


Jeannie Mai: I gotta give it up to every single essential worker. Because, guys, we would not have groceries. We would not have plumbing. We would not have those letters that people send or mail just to keep us afloat with news. The essential workers out there saving us and keeping the hospitals clear for more patients that needed the care. I can’t get over people driving buses to get people to their jobs that they essentially had to work! I—it’s so—it’s countless the jobs that kept us going during a lockdown. So, thank you, guys continually doing that. I’m so grateful.


Adrienne Houghton: I would really want us to recognize all of the people who lost their lives to police brutality or just social injustice.  Um, I actually think that people like Breonna Taylor. Um, you know like I think that’s what this year really changed a lot of things. It changed our hearts, our minds. It really brought…

Jeannie: George Floyd.

Adrienne: George Floyd. It really brought about change. And it changed how we voted. It changed—it really had an impact on 2020. So, I think that those are the people that should be, ah, acknowledged and… what the word? And blanked on the cover of Time magazine. What’s the word I’m looking for?

Jeannie: Remembered.

Adrienne: Honored.


Loni Love:  I would like to put, uh, the voters. Um, I think voting was very, very important…

Adrienne: Us, the Americans.

Loni: And just the American people. So, it was— I think that would be something different and unique. Because I think we are all in this together. We all are, um, surviving. And so, I don’t think that it’s just one person this year.



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