Thursday, October 6, 2022

‘The Witches’ Octavia Spencer & Kristin Chenoweth (Watch)

*The witches have landed!

This month, “Roald Dahl’s The Witches” has been reimaged for a modern audience, starring Oscar winners Anne Hathaway and Octavia Spencer, with Kristin Chenoweth (“Glee” and “BoJack Horseman”).

EUR reporter Fahnia Thomas talked to Spencer and Chenoweth about hair extensions, wigs and behind-the-scenes high jinks.

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(L-r) Director ROBERT ZEMECKIS, OCTAVIA SPENCER and ANNE HATHAWAY on the set of Warner Bros. Pictures’ fantasy adventure “ROALD DAHL’S THE WITCHES,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

FT: When was the last time you had a wig-uation?

OS: No, I don’t.

KC: When haven’t I! Especially, during the pandemic when I have to do my own hair and makeup. I have clip-in hair extensions and one time I had my hair in a bun and I was really sick…I put a candle on the back of my toilet [gestures throwing up]…and all of a sudden I smelled smoke. I looked up and my bun – which wasn’t mine – was smoking and the alarm started going off!

FT: What was it like on set and filming “The Witches” pre-Covid-19 lockdown?

OS: We had a ball! It was a unique bonding experience. We had an amazing time filming in London. We laughed a lot between takes and when the cameras rolled Anne Hathaway would go back to being the Grand High Witch and I would go back to being sweet Grandma.

The big scene where the witches have the pea soup was pretty hysterical behind the scenes. We were laughing hysterically between takes. It was so much fun.

KC: Anne Hathaway’s character really fits in. She’s so deliciously evil, glamorous and awful. And then Octavia brings in the heart of the film. With all the love and help she’s got for [Hero Boy (Jahzir Kadeem Bruno), Daisy (Chenoweth), and Bruno Jenkins (Codie-Lei Eastick)]. She represents the audience. Those two together are fire and magic!

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