Thursday, October 6, 2022

BRUH! What’s Your Relationship Disconnect? / EUR Exclusive-WATCH

*Get ready to continue the laughs! The BET+ hit series “BRUH” from Tyler Perry returns from it’s mid-season break September 10, 2020.

Titled “Playing With Fire” and “On Thin Ice,” the first few episodes will not only have you laughing until you can’t anymore, but will also have you picking your jaw up from the floor!

Tyler Perry has created a wonderfully crafted comedic series in Bruh!

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“Tyler Perry’s BRUH” tracks the story of four thirty-something-year old friends in present-day Atlanta, trying to find themselves as men and navigate life, careers and courtship. Finding romance has been a constant bump in the road for the guys.

Screenshot from BET’s ‘Bruh’ episode 110.

EURweb sat down with the stars of BRUH to talk about each of their characters relationship disconnect with women!

Barry Brewer Jr., who plays John on the series, said “My character has deep insecurities about himself,” which is why he has issues with women and still lives with his mama!

Each of the BRUHs have their own issues that they are navigating through and its their unique bond with each other that helps them figure out their individual journeys to success in love, life and manhood.

Screenshot from BET’s ‘Bruh’ episode 106

Tyler Perry filmed new seasons of his series amid the coronavirus pandemic using a quarantine bubble model, sequestering cast and crew on the lot for the duration of a shoot. Overall, there were 32 shoot days and 51 quarantine days total for the four series, he was filming, BRUH, being one of them. Perry’s quarantine bubble model involved check-in testing as cast and crew arrived at the studio, with everyone staying in their rooms until test results came back.

What makes BRUH special is the all black leads are not in stereotypical roles.  They are all successful characters who are multi-layered, well versed and yet relatable because they are dealing with real life issues.  Each of the series’ characters brings laughs and drama to the screen and you find yourself rooting for all of them to find real love in the midst of their “figuring it out”, whatever “it” is!

Make sure to check out BRUH on BET+ for all new episodes from September 10, 2020






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