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Author of ‘How Trump Stole 2020’ Warns VOTERS BEWARE of Mail-in Madness!

Greg Palast
Greg Palast, author of “How Trump Stole 2020”

*The Trump election and his presidential administration have been imbued in controversy from day one.

Investigative reporter Greg Palast warns that lessons learned from 2016 can prevent a repeat of election mayhem in 2020.  Palast is the author of “How Trump Stole 2020: The Hunt For America’s Vanished Voters.”  It is a revealing analysis of the efficiency of mail in voting.

With tensions rising over the unprecedented circumstances of the 2020 Presidential election, how can voters cut through the noise and have a clear understanding of the sanctity and security of their vote?  According to Palast’s research, 22% of mail in ballots (one in five) never get counted.  A reported 3.3 million absentee ballots were lost in 2016. Palast is hardly against mail in voting but he maintains that the majority of voters whose vote could end up missing in action are younger voters, low income voters, voters of color  and Democrats.

Greg Palast: “If you’re African American, if you’re young, if you’re Asian American or Hispanic and mail in your ballot, it is twice as likely (that something occurs) to have your ballot rejected.”

Greg spoke with EURweb’s LaRita Shelby and made the case for fixing the broken mail-in voting system and getting the Jim Crow alligators out of the mailbox.  He also educates Americans on how to properly vote absentee and how to protect those voters who reply upon the integrity and accuracy of voting via the postal system.

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Greg Palast’s book “How Trump Stole 2020” outlines not just a mere overtaxing of the voting system, but it suggests a calculated intentional plot to undermine Democratic voters of color.  Palast cautions that absentee ballots must be received on time in order to be mailed on time.  He also reminds that in the past two years 16.7 million voters have been purged, often times without the voters’ knowledge.  He suggests visiting the Secretary of State’s website in your area to make sure that your name is listed as a registered voter.  Call your County Registrar and demand your absentee ballot if you haven’t received it yet.

More summary advice from Greg Palast includes providing a copy of your I.D. if you are a first-time voter and happen to be voting by mail. This rule applies in 34 states. If you’re a student in Wisconsin then you should include a copy of your student I. D., plus extra postage to mail in your ballot.  Ballots have been rejected due to lack of postage.

Greg Palast: “We still have a big Jim Crow problem in America, and we can overcome it by November. It’s a short time to save America but it can be done.”

With 17 million voters purged from the voting rolls in the past two years, Greg Palast urges voters not to take for granted that their registration status is the same.  He emphatically states that if you’re not registered, then you’re not getting your mail in ballot. So contact the County Board of Elections or go to the Secretary of State’s website and look up your registration, make sure that it is there and that your polling place is the same or if it has changed. If it is not, then register again.  Your polling place may have changed, even if you have voted there for the past several years. Go to to register or to double check your registration.

Palast warns that voter registration applications filled out at the local DMV have a 40% chance of being discarded due to errors on the application or even the work load of DMV staff.  If this happens after an applicant has left the building, they have no way of knowing this.  Palast encourages voters to re-register until they actually receive verification that they are a confirmed registered voter. Another warning is for those of Hispanic or Asian descent who may have a name that has special characters or spellings.  Voters should make sure that their names are spelled correctly and that any special accents are accepted into the system, resulting in tangible evidence that they are a registered voter.  The safest method, according to Palast, is to register online at  For more on the topic visit Greg

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