Tuesday, July 5, 2022

‘He Knows I’ll Always Fight for Him’: Black Mom & Son Talk About Dress Code Incident at Baltimore Restaurant

Dallas and Marcia Grant
Dallas Grant and his mom Marcia Grant on “Good Morning America” (June 24, 2020)

*A Black mother and her young child claim they were denied service at a Baltimore restaurant because of their skin color.

Marcia Grant and her 9-year-old son Dallas were interviewed about the incident Wednesday morning on “Good Morning America.” The two were turned away from being seated at Ouzo Bay, an upscale Greek restaurant at the Baltimore Harbor, when the restaurant’s manager said that the boy’s Air Jordan t-shirt, athletic shorts and sneakers violated their dress code. Grant then turned the camera toward a white boy wearing a similar outfit who was dining at the restaurant.

“I can’t really say why they wouldn’t let me in the restaurant originally. But once I pointed out to the guy that there was a white kid there with similar dress, I can only imagine that it was based on the fact that Dallas was Black,” Grant told co-anchor Michael Strahan.

“I kept on insisting that, you know, the white kid has the same thing that Dallas has on, why won’t you let my son in,” she continued, holding back tears. “He just would not, regardless of how hard I pushed for [Dallas].”

Still, Grant said this won’t stop her from fighting racial inequality.

“He knows I’ll always fight for him,” she said of her son. “We just have to keep on pushing for social justice.”

Watch their “GMA” interview below:




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