Sunday, August 14, 2022

Trump Advisor Stephen Moore Calls Defiant Stay-at-Home Protesters ‘Modern Day Rosa Parks’ [VIDEO]

Stephen Moore

*Economist Stephen Moore, a member of President Donald Trump’s task force to reopen the country, is catching heat for comparing the protestors who are defying stay-at-home orders, to civil rights icon Rosa Parks.

Because 400 years of slavery and oppression and Jim Crow laws that sometimes included lynching is obviously similar to a month of self-isolating at home. 

Rosa Parks also didn’t proudly fly the Nazi/Confederate flag.

In a YouTube video for “Freedom on Tap With Jon Caldara,” Moore says he’s helping plan a “drive-in” protest in Wisconsin against Gov. Tony Evers’ order to remain on lockdown at home amid the coronavirus pandemic, RollingStone reports.

“They’re going to shut down the capitol. Shhh. Don’t tell anybody,” he said. “They think they can get 1,500 people to come in. We have one big donor in Wisconsin. I told him about this and he said, ‘I promise I will pay the bail and legal fees for anyone who gets arrested.”

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BTW, it’s worth noting that these so-called “demonstrators” appear to be white supremacists exercising their right to disrupt society by holding rallies. Sure, you’ll find some folks of color sprinkled into the mix. 

But notice how there is no militarized police presence threatening/arresting them (the white folks)?

But let five or more Black folks gather at a house for a child’s birthday party and every cop at the local precinct arrives on the scene ready to unleash their violent streak

The more these white protestors take to the street, the more it becomes clear that the message is “FREE WHITES” and “QUARANTINE BLACKS”.

Moore’s comments come after a large group of white supremacists in Michigan shut down surrounding streets near the capitol in response to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s strict stay-at-home guidelines. 

“This is a great time for civil disobedience. We need to be the Rosa Parks here and protest against these government injustices,” Moore said.

He also noted that about 1,500 demonstrators to expected to participate in his “drive-in” and a “big donor in Wisconsin” will fund the protest.

“I’m not going to mention his name,” said Moore, who noted the donor told him, “Steve, I promise I will pay the bail and legal fees of anyone who gets arrested” during the protests.

Demonstrations are expected at a scheduled “Freedom Rally” in Wisconsin on April 24.

“I call these people the modern-day Rosa Parks — they are protesting against injustice and a loss of liberties,” Moore said of the protesters, some of whom waved Confederate flags in Michigan.

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