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Cheryl Cobb Visits KTLA 5 News and Talks About Her Book, ‘Dirty Lil’ Secrets …’

Los Angeles, CA. – The Hollywood executive and author Cheryl Cobb visits KTLA 5 News and talks about her book, “Dirty Lil Secrets Nobody Wants to Tell You About the Entertainment Industry.”

The groundbreaking book provides a guide for anyone looking to break into the world of entertainment.

Cobb is one of the most respected executive names in the entertainment business for decades molding the careers of countless artists and entertainers. She is the woman behind some of music’s biggest and most talked about artists.

She has provided advice and career management to multiple Grammy Award winning artists including Toni Braxton, Chanté Moore, Fantasia, Will Downing, En Vogue, Escape, Da Brat, Sparkle and many more. She has also provided consultative advice to American Idol winners which include Chris Daughtry, Carrie Underwood, Fantasia, Tamyra Gray, Ruben Studdard and Jordin Sparks.

“Dirty Lil Secrets: Nobody Wants to Tell You About the Entertainment Industry” is a page turning and must-read book about the entertainment industry.

In a very concise strategic and eye-opening narrative author Cheryl Cobb has revolutionized the way we look at the entertainment business. If you are looking for a ‘good read’ offering 10 steps that will change your life, when applied if you’re considering elevating your career in the entertainment industry, then this is the book for you.

Cobb talks about her top 10 tips for breaking into the world of entertainment and thriving.


Dirty Little Secret #1:

You are going to get fired!

All situations come to an end — sometimes good and sometimes bad. Sometimes brutally painful, others mutually agreed upon.

Dirty Secret #2:

They are not your friends.

The artist, the managers, the agents are not your friends. Friendship is earned and not a given. Remember, they are your co-workers first.

No matter what — when it’s business — it’s business.

Yet another defining moment helping me tread the path I so desperately needed to trek. And in this trek, I solidified the first dirty little secret I never wanted to admit: They are not your friends.

Dirty Secret #3:

Loyalty goes both ways.

The day you realize that loyalty must go both ways, you’re free to operate without feeling guilty. Just be loyal until they are not, then you know it’s time to move on. Dirty little secret number three lets you know that Loyalty goes both ways.

Dirty Secret #4:

Follow-up and follow-up the follow-up.

Straight to the point, your word is all you have but people tend to forget or get busy and that’s when things fall into a dark whole… And guess who’s responsible for not doing their job?

If you want to make a mark in this industry, write down what you have to do and then, and cross it off of your list when complete… follow-up and follow up on the follow up!

Dirty Secret #5:

Honor and Integrity are critical.

Fifth dirty little secret became clear: Honor and Integrity are critical.

Dirty Secret #6:

Set Boundaries. Dirty secret number six is to set boundaries.

Dirty Secret #7:

Know how the money flows.

Know how your money is handled as an artist; and as a manager/agent do not handle the money. Yep, that’s dirty little secret number 7 – Know how the money flows.

The secret to success is to get a trusted bookkeeper, CPA or money management firm to help you manage your money so that you can keep it and make it work for you in the long haul.

Dirty Secret #8:

Team players matter.

The eighth dirty little secret in this business is Team Players Matter.

Dirty Little Secret Number 8 is how you advance or slam your career. Team players matter.

Dirty Secret #9:

Pick your battles.

Dirty Little Secret Number Nine is to Pick your Battles.

Dirty Secret #10:

“CC “ the World.

This is why dirty little secret number #10 is to “CC” The World!

For information and to pre-order your copy of “Dirty Lil’ Secrets” and get it signed by Cheryl Cobb click here.

Follow Cheryl Cobb on social media: Instagram: @cherylcobb_official / Facebook: @cherylcobb


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