Thursday, August 11, 2022

‘Trashy’ Wedding Guest Goes Viral After Snatching Bride’s Bouquet from Another Woman [VIDEO]

*A wedding guest has been slammed online after snatching the bouquet from another woman on the dance floor.

The unnamed woman, assumed to be American, has gone viral with her outrageous behavior at the wedding reception at an unknown location.

A clip of the moment, shared on the Wedding Shaming Reddit thread, has been criticized by viewers, who dubbed the woman to be “obnoxious.”

Peep the full clip via the video embed below.

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Bouquette Theif xD from r/weddingshaming

As noted by the Daily Mail, one commenter said: “That’s so obnoxious. Reminds me of when I was a kid and I caught the bouquet and a 30-year-old woman elbowed me in the face and snatched it away from me. Some people need to get a grip.”

Another posted: “Had I been the bride she’d have been given that bouquet and shown the door. Pure trash.”

A third added: “Jesus lady. It’s supposed to be a fun game. Not an all-out brawl! I hope the bride sent her packing after that. Such obnoxious behavior.”

The video shows the bride tossing the bouquet into the air where it’s caught by one of the guests.

As the woman holds the bouquet, another guest comes up from behind and snatches the flowers from her. She then proudly struts around the room with the “stolen” bouquet.

The bride is so stunned by the bold move that she falls to the floor.

In a traditional bouquet toss, the bride throws the flowers into a crowd of single women. Whoever catches it is believed to be the next person to get married.

“Jeez, I wonder why she’s still single,” wrote one social media user of the bouquet thief. Another added, “Sad. Just sad. And she’s proud of this?! Unbelievable.”

Others praised the woman who initially caught the bouquet stolen for being a “good sport.”

“The lady in the black dress was such a good sport!! I’d love to see how many years it takes the other one to get married.”

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