Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Marlon Wayans Praises Teen Daughter for Coming Out During Pride Month

marlon wayans and daughter

*Marlon Wayans hit up social media this week to praise his daughter Amai Wayans for coming out as lesbian during Pride month.

In a moving Instagram post, the comedian/actor posted a picture of Amai rocking a pair of Vans with the soles painted to resemble the rainbow pride flag.

“Happy pride to my pride and joy,” he wrote. “I wouldn’t change one effing thing about you. Love you to the moon around the sun through the galaxies and back again.”

Stars such as Gabrielle Union and La La Anthony applauded Wayans for showing publicly love to his gay kid, but there were plenty of trolls and haters who were not feeling it.

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One comment read, “She’s not old enough to understand what that’s really all about. You have the power to change lives Bro, don’t teach her that.”

Wayans responded, “She’s 19. She is who she is until or until she don’t choose different. Love her for her not what I want her to be.”

One of his followers encouraged him to delete the negative comments.

“I’m sure you can delete these negative comments,” the IG user wrote. “Let’s keep this happy. Why some people have to be so opinionated. Praying they drown in their own negativity.”

The actor explained in his reply why he wanted to keep the comments up on his profile.

“I thought of erasing them but I need the world to see the ignorance that still exist. Objective without obstacles is a worthless triumph. We all will some day get to unconditional love. Because of my daughter i am one step closer. I am not God, i don’t judge i just LOVE. And still pray for the haters because i refuse to judge them too i just love.”

Amai is Marlon’s daughter by ex-wife Angelica Zachary. They also have a son Shawn Wayans, 17. The ex-couple divorced in 2013.

via SandraRose:

Marlon’s career commitments and his non-traditional marriage to Angelica kept him away from Amai for most of her childhood. As a result of the lack of a father figure in her childhood, Amai is now a male-identified lesbian (MIL).

Marlon penned a personal note to his daughter when she turned 19 last month, and seemed to regret the days when he wasn’t around much during her childhood.

“I have loved you before you were even here,” he wrote. “I rubbed you in your mommy’s belly, I read to you, I talked to you, I kissed you, I cuddled you, I loved you. I remember [when] your head crowned all I saw was a full head of black curly hair and I began to cry like a baby. May 24, 2000, I pulled you from your mother’s womb, I held you in my arms and my world changed.

“My purpose shifted. I no longer lived for me … I lived for you, for my family, for us. You gave me purpose. You made me tender, you made me communicate, you made me humble, you made me attentive, you made me listen, you made me grow up.”

He concluded by telling Amai to “never change” and to “keep evolving.”

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