Saturday, October 1, 2022

Obamas to Adapt Book for Netflix

*Did you know that Michelle and Barack Obama have inked a contract with Netflix in what is probably a very lucrative production deal? Back when this deal had unknown entertainment value, the media was only aware of the fact that it will potentially be a docu-series. This deal was also reported to be worth $65 million because it involved the Obama couple’s respective memoirs.

The official press release of this deal, however, released that the name of the series would be The Fifth Risk, and it would help the world understand some of the inner workings of the government. The official press release also revealed that the series will follow all the mismanagement and chaos that has been seen in the departments of Commerce, Agriculture, and Energy after the hand-off of the Presidency from Barack Obama to Donald Trump.

A spokesperson of the production team said …

“Think of this as a funny, timeless civics lesson for adults. It’s not a political statement.”

This was said because people were of the opinion the project will be more of a political statement and less of an informative documentary. To the contrary, the goal of this series is to humorously portray the way in which these agencies improve our lives. The spokesperson continued to shed light on the theme of the series by saying:

”Michael Lewis has written a love letter to the often-nameless public servants who carry out core duties that most of us never think about.”

Even though the Obamas can be seen campaigning for the Democratic Party and shunning President Donald Trump nowadays, this series has apparently nothing to do with all the chaos. The spokesperson said that it doesn’t matter what a person’s political background is – they need to stop questioning government officials’ patriotism and vilifying them.

So what we know now is that the docu-series will educate people about the fact that whatever the beliefs of the government are – they shouldn’t be tagged as enemies of the people. Former President Obama said that even though people criticize the government a lot, they still tend to expect and be concerned about civility from those in charge.

We now know what the series is going to be about, but we’re also sure they can’t launch a whole series about the government without poking some fun at Donald Trump. We’ll just have to wait and see.




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