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Breast Cancer Diagnosis Brings Church Leader and Life Coach (Gail Morrison-Netter) to a Spiritual Awakening

Gail Morrison-Netter
Gail Morrison-Netter – photo: ProjectionImages2

*As the co-founder of the Graceway Church in Arlington, Texas over 25 years ago, Gail Morrison-Netter has made a profound impact on her community and beyond with mission trips to the Caribbean and the continent of Africa.

In addition to her non-denominational church, Morrison-Netter has a 30-year background in marital and family counseling, and owns and operates “Spa for the Spirit Life Coaching” where she serves as a spiritual life coach.

Her experiences as a church leader and counselor led to the release of her 2015 book “Look In The Mirror and Fall In Love” about self-worth and self-love. Little did Morrison-Netter know that she would have to follow the advice she gives out to so many others when she was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year, January 2018.

“First, you think certain things will never happen to you,” Morrison-Netter told Lee Bailey in a recent phone interview. “So, you don’t put them inside of your spirit, so breast cancer was not me. I thought I was having thyroid issues because I was having different symptoms. I had friends around me with breast cancer and I was consoling them and counseling them with the Word.”

She continued, “It was surreal at first. I’m like not me, ‘I’m living life to the fullest. I’m upbeat and Miss Positive Energy and all that and I have breast cancer? Really? So, it took a minute to settle in with me.”

Gail Morrison-Netter
Gail Morrison-Netter – photo: ProjectionImages2

After the initial shock of the diagnosis, Morrison-Netter went into action so the cancer would not take control of her spirit.

“I said Lord, ‘What do you want me to do with this breast cancer experience? You didn’t bring me to this to leave me. So, I need to draw some extra power from you in this crisis.’ I was thinking about all of the things I told other people about their breast cancer and other life threatening issues. So, I had to start listening to my own self and trust in God to get me through this. So, my healing is going to come from my faith.”

Morrison-Netter’s “Look In The Mirror and Fall In Love” book draws from her faith to show what is really important in life.

“We all want to look like movie stars, no one wants to get old,” Morrison-Netter said. So, there’s a lot of emphasis on the external but what’s really important is the internal. As you age and things deteriorate and decline, are you becoming the best that you were destined to be? And, if not, why not?

She added, “When I look back I go back to the manufacturer, the one who made us, what was his goal when he made us? Are we giving our full potential? Are we loving ourselves? If not what can we eliminate that’s keeping us from being our best selves and what can we add? So, I want to help people be their best and that’s part of my purpose.”

One last thing about the book Morrison-Netters want people to know about the book is that, “It’s a short read. You can read the book in an hour. It’s like a protein bar. A protein bar has a lot of nutrients but it’s in a small package. Every time you read it you may find something else you didn’t read the first time.”

Gail Morrison-Netter had a unilateral mastectomy and refers to herself as a “breast cancer survivor and thriver.” For more information on Morrison-Netter, visit her “Spa for the Spirit Life Coaching” website here. To buy “Look In The Mirror and Fall In Love,” go here.

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