Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Karrueche Tran Reveals She Felt Pressure to Have the Perfect Body

*Karrueche Tran flaunts her adorable petite frame in the newest issue of PAPER magazine.

Inside the issue, the “Claws” actress opens up about her insecurities and how she felt pressured to have what society calls the “ideal” body.

“I used to think I had to be thick and have big boobs,” she admitted. “I thought about getting my boobs done, but I was like one: I don’t know how my body’s going to react to that, and two: why am I changing who I am because of other peoples’ comments? I can represent other girls out there and make them feel confident, which is hard in this world where everyone just wants to be thicc.”

Trans says she hopes she can help other girls who are shaped like her to feel confident in their skin no matter what.

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“We as a people need to understand society’s thought process of what beauty is: a slim waist, a fat booty, thick thighs, big boobs,” she told the magazine. “Not everyone has that. That’s not average at all, most of the girls who look like that are buying it. It’s wrong for these young girls who grow up with this message and think they have to look a certain way.”

Meanwhile, “Claws” does a good job at addressing topics that are having an impactful with viewers. In one episode, Tran’s character Virginia is faced with an unplanned pregnancy. She ultimately chooses abortion – even in the face of pro-life protesters – and she received tons of backlash from it.

“That was the writers’ decision to have that in the story and I’m glad they pushed for that,” Kae shared. “Another character says in that scene, ‘You guys only care about these babies when they’re in the womb, but once they’re out in the world you guys don’t care about them.’ And so it’s exactly like what we see in our news today. They want to control our rights and our bodies, but then you don’t give a f*ck about these kids who are being taken from their families.”

You can read her full interview here and peep more pics from the issue below.

Ny MaGee
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