Friday, May 27, 2022

UMC.TV Presents New Series About Houston’s 5th Ward (WATCH TRAILER)

Nephew Tommy, Maya Harrison and Gary Sturgis star in 5th Ward. UMC.TV’s first Original Drama created and directed by Greg Carter. Stream it now at UMC.TV

*Inner City life gets a fresh and entertaining spin thanks to creator/director Greg Carter, who debuts on the Urban Movie Channel with a new episodic titled “5th Ward.”

The show is set in a historic black neighborhood in Houston, where three generations of the Kennedy family have lived since the 1950s.  The 5th Ward stars Maya Harrison, Nephew Tommy, Carl Payne and Gary Sturgis.

A cultural shift is underway, which brings shocking growth pains to the Kennedy family. The 5th Ward is UMC’s first Original drama series.

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LaRita Shelby
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