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GOP Pundit Ed Martin Calls Fellow CNN Contributors April Ryan and Symone Sanders ‘Black Racists’

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April Ryan and Ed Martin on CNN (Dec. 12, 2017)
April Ryan and Ed Martin argue on CNN (Dec. 12, 2017)

*It appears Ed Martin’s days may be numbered at CNN.

During his December 13 radio show, the Republican pundit and one of CNN’s go-to Trump supporters attacked the female contributors of his CNN election night panel, calling them “rabid feminists” and “black racists.”

As part of CNN’s coverage of the Alabama special election, Martin, also a Roy Moore supporter, was seated between progressive political strategist Symone Sanders and fellow GOP contributor Ana Navarro, neither a Trump nor Moore fan.

Also on the panel was American Urban Radio Networks White House correspondent April Ryan, who could be heard coming to the defense of both Sanders and Navarro from the opposite end of the panel

Watch one clip of the contentious election night coverage above, about 5 min, 30 sec in:

The following day, while hosting his radio show The Ed Martin Movement, Martin criticized his co-panelists, calling them “rabid feminists” and “black racists.”

Read the transcript of Martin’s comments below:

Martin: What happens when you’re trying to drain the swamp, is the swamp fights back. And so when I was in Washington, D.C., last night, and you might have seen it if you saw it, it was a hot night, a hot topic. It was a wild panel, we had two or three people on there that were just rabid feminists, actually racial — racists, two of the women were racists, they were just racists, black racists. Everything that you say is going to be called racist. I mean, it was outrageous, but anyway.

Roy Moore’s problem was not only the accusations that were, I think, unfairly leveled against him — and they were you know, attacks on whether 40 years ago he had abused someone, or misused someone or mistreated someone. But then they were down the stretch they were he had said things about various positions including slavery and homosexuality and things, and they were all characterized in a way. None of that matters when I tell you the following fact, as I sat on the stage, on the set in the CNN studios. I mean, I go into the swamp, I enter the beast so you don’t have to, so I can report back on what I found and here’s what I found. What you need to know, what you need to know, what you must know, what you hear after I tell you, what you will now know, and what you can’t forget, it has to inform what you do. As I sat on the stage next to this woman that’s just racist, who went crazy, and everything is about race, she confessed — that’s the word I’d use — but she confessed that her groups had ‘mobilized,’ that’s the term they used, ‘mobilized’ voters in Alabama spending up to $3 million dollars to mobilize black voters in the cities.




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