Thursday, October 21, 2021

Bowlegged Lou Candidly Discusses His Eye Disease (RP) That Leads to Blindness (EUR Exclusive!)

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*Award winning music performer, producer, songwriter & actor from the movies “House Party 1 and 2,” Bowlegged Lou of the production and performing entity, Full Force, announced at his surprise birthday party that he has Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP), an eye disease that leads to blindness.

“Well,” says Lou “… that was on June 24th my birthday when I announced publicly what I was going through. At my big surprise party I had the support of my dear friends Vivica A Fox, Regina Belle, Shanice, Karyn White, Cheryl Pepsii Riley, Treach from Naughty by Nature, CeCe Peniston, Lisa Lisa and Toni Menaj and my beloved Full Force brothers, Paul Anthony and B-Fine. Right now there’s no cure for Retinitis Pigmentosa eye disease.”

Despite those scenarios, Lou does not buy into what most ophthalmologists-naysayers say when it comes to himself. He believes in God’s Miracles and positive prayers along with mind over matter & the famous quote of “It ain’t over till it’s over.” That’s why Lou stays proactive with various supplements & vitamins for the eyes along with regular appointments to both medical and alternative doctors. Lou also believe in clinical breakthroughs and alternative treatments, because in his own words,” Eye Got This”


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About Hope With A Vizion…..
Not too long after Lucien “Bowlegged Lou” George began losing his peripheral vision due to Retinitis Pigmentosa, he started the nonprofit HopeWithAVizion.Org.

“My dear friend Regina Hall (not the actress) spearheaded and pushed me to start up an organization and start talking about my own health scenario as well. She used to tell me that I give to others and support others and I should be a little selfish with myself sometimes. My whole Hope With A Vizion team consist of Regina Hall (president), Chamin Anderson (VP) who’s also a nonprofit guru, Katrina Dawson (secretary) and Rhonda Lewis (advocate).

“Shoutout to Donna Knight who was the first person to even make me pay attention and think of an alternative way to fight my disease. Joe Mazzeferocious aka “Joe Mazz” and Donna were the first financial supporters of my first treatments. Also, Anthony Barksdale, actress & Friend Gretchin Noel & videographer Xanda Tonge pitched in as well. My doctors is Optometrist Dr. Sherry Bass who first diagnosed me and my alternative doctor is Andy Rosenfarb of Naturopathic  Medicine & Acupuncture

“Even though I’ve been coping and dealing with my eye disease, I want to help others that are going through their own visually impaired health scenarios. I want to give back with resources, support and awareness. I’m staying proactive through this whole process thanks to the love and support of my family and friends. I send my own prayers to everyone who are reading these words as well. Never give up & never give in. God bless us all.” — Bowlegged Lou

A note from EUR publisher Lee Bailey …
First, I want to thank my friend of many, many years, Mr. Lucien “Bowlegged Lou” George for bravely sharing his story. By doing so, he will help give strength to someone else who doesn’t have his kind of visibility. In fact, Lou also brought us another story of a Mr. David Moore, who lost his sight, but with the help of Lou’s team at Hope With A Vision, he was encouraged to not give up. Additionally, by sharing his story, Lou puts the spotlight on Retinitis Pigmentosa, a disease most of the general public may not be aware of.

We, of course, want to encourage Lou to stay positive and continue being a beacon for others and follow. So, to you, Mr. Bowlegged Lou, my friend, God Bless you.

PS: One more quick note from Bowlegged Lou:
“Elijah and Isaiah Langford of DEMCATS hosted a special event called ‘Eye Can See Clearly Now.’ The both of them are the beloved sons of the former Mayor of Atlantic City Lorenzo Langford & his wife, Nynell Langford.  Elijah 25 and Isaiah 19 of Atlantic City, N.J donated 500+ eyeglasses to the NJLERC (New Jersey Lions Recycle Center) in Trenton, N.J. The young brothers collected the eyeglasses over the last month. This donation of glasses is in honor of their family friend, yours truly. After learning of my condition due to RP (Retinitis Pigmentosa), Elijah and Isaiah decided to help others with vision issues. Their event, “Eye Can See Clearly Now” was held this past Saturday, Nov. 11th, in Atlantic City.”




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