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Bobby Brown Blames Himself and Japanese Hookers for Mike Tyson Loss

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*In his memoir, “Every Little Step,” Bobby Brown reveals that he blames himself for being the reason Mike Tyson lost his infamous fight to Buster Douglas.

The bout went down February 11, 1990 in Tokyo, Japan. Brown states in his book that for over 25-years he has blamed himself for Tyson’s loss of the heavyweight championship to Douglas.


Get the details below.

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Well, according to Bobby, he and Tyson partied and had sex with Japanese prostitutes until 3:00AM in the morning on the day of the fight. Coaches and trainers repeatedly tell boxers to refrain from sex for weeks before fights.


It reportedly saves their strength and makes them more aggressive in th ring. Tyson tossed caution to the wind and decided to #turnup with Bobby instead, and according to Brown, this cost Mike the belts (WBC, WBA and IBF) and millions of dollars in purse money, the JudiciaryReport notes.

And there you have it.

We wonder what the conversation was like between Brown and Tyson after he was defeated by Buster?

In related news, Brown wants a federal judge to stop the film, “Bobbi Kristina,” from airing on TV One on Sunday (Oct. 6), because it includes scenes of him being “violate” towards his late ex-wife Whitney Houston, and suggests he “does not love his daughter [and is not] committed to his daughter.”

In a Manhattan Federal Court lawsuit, Brown describes the project as a “defamatory and untrue” film attempting to profit off his’s pain.

Bobby Brown is also seeking $1M in damages from the biopic’s production companies, TV One LLC, Simmons Shelley entertainment, and their affiliates, per the NY Post.

Meanwhile, TV One issued a statement saying they “stand by the film and its representation of this period in Bobbi Kristina’s life.”



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