Saturday, November 27, 2021

Charles Barkley: Blacks ‘Make Cops Nervous’ – Jason Whitlock Slams ‘Pro-Black’ White NFL Player

white man's puppet

*Charles Barkley’s pro-athlete career seems to be centered on speaking a bit too freely on issues pertaining to black folks and their ongoing fight against white supremacy.

As Rolling Out notes, “Barkley has been consistent in being an apologist for renegade, vindictive and lawless police officers gunning down and killing unarmed black men over the past several years — and Barkley says we are culpable for our own demise.”

During his moment on ESPN’s “Mike & Mike” Tuesday morning with Mike Golic and Will Cain, Barkley said Black people need to check themselves for their own role in the oppression they face.

“We’ve got to work out our relationships with the cops. We don’t want young Black men killed by the cops. But also, we’ve got to take some personal responsibility [for] all the Black-on-Black crime going on in our own community. The cops come in there. When they make mistakes, we need to hold them accountable. But also, we’ve got to understand [that when police] come in here, they’re nervous. They’re hyper. They’re gonna make some mistakes. That doesn’t excuse it, but we gotta take some personal responsibility.”

Does he have a point?

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Right-wing provocateur

Meanwhile, yet another bootlicking puppet for The Establishment, right-wing provocateur Jason Whitlock, is incensed that a White NFL player chose to kneel with Blacks at a recent Cleveland Browns game.

Whitlock remains pressed that White folks (aka The Establishment) haven’t properly punished exiled activist/quarterback Colin Kaepernick. As you know,  Jason never supports the black community during racial-cultural debates. His most recent rant is againt the first-ever White NFL player, Seth Devalve, who chose to kneel with 10 African America players during the playing of the national anthem.

Whitlock can not comprehend how and why a White man could openly show compassion for all these so called “problematic” negroes.

Take a listen to Whitlock in the clip below:




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