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Ernie Hudson Talks Playing ‘Skeptical’ Cop On New Fox Drama ‘APB’ [EUR Exclusive]




*Ernie Hudson (“Grace and Frankie,” “Ghostbusters”) stars as a skeptical law officer in the new Fox cop drama “APB,” airing TONIGHT (Feb. 6) after “24:LEGACY.” Inspired by the New York Times Magazine article “Who Runs the Streets of New Orleans” by David Amsden, “APB” is police drama with a high-tech twist from executive producer/director Len Wiseman (“Lucifer,” “Sleepy Hollow”).

Starring Emmy Award and Golden Globe nominee Justin Kirk (“Tyrant,” “Weeds”) as billionaire engineer Gideon Reeves, who puts up millions of dollars of his own money in an unprecedented deal to take charge of the troubled 13th District – and reboot it as a technically innovative police force: better, faster and smarter than anything seen before. The move comes after his best friend is murdered in a botched attempted robbery, and the killer remains at large… Gideon wants justice.

With Gideon himself having created the department’s cutting-edge technology, this eccentric yet brilliant outsider challenges the city’s police force to rethink everything about the way they fight crime. With the help of Detective Theresa Murphy, he embarks on a mission to turn the 13th District – including a skeptical Capt. Ned Conrad (Hudson) – into a dedicated crime-fighting force of the 21st century.

“Ned is a guy who has been with the police department for forty years. He’s a career guy, and like many police, wants to do a lot of amazing things and change things,” Hudson explained to EUR/Electronic Urban Report. “As far as him being a career guy, he’s made it up the ranks to sergeant and seen a lot of things go down that he’s not happy with… he’s sort of waiting to retire, and then when things get shook up with this billionaire coming in with these ideas, a lot of the brass who aren’t happy with it leave and he gets promoted to captain.”

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image via Twitter

He continued, “So suddenly, where he’s kinda gone along with other people’s ideas, even though they weren’t things they he’d do, now he has a chance to maybe realize some of those dreams that he had when he first started out. On the other hand, he’s been around long enough to know the valve of protocol and why things work the way they do. But he also recognizes that the community that they serve, that he’s also a resident of, needs to change. So it’s a very exciting time for him because the buck finally stops with him, and he also has to take on responsibility in a way that he’s never had to before.”

It’s a role that Mr. Hudson says he was immediately intrigued by because he recognized that the series “could be a way to highlight situations that we as a country are facing and maybe deal with in a way that people could see from a different perspective.”

“Obviously it’s a TV show so you’re not gonna get that deep. We have dealt with some issues but there’s certainly the possibility of presenting a different perspective and I wanted to be a part of that,” he said.


In terms of any social messages woven into the template of his character, or the series overall, Hudson stressed that while “APB” is not here to preach to viewers, his character will certainly be affected by the challenges that come with policing his own community.

“It’s complicated,” he says of Capt. Conrad “living in the community all these years and seeing how it’s changed and seeing what those needs are, and yet being a part of a police force that’s viewed from a certain perspective within that community.”

He added, “I think his presence in the city, and how he carries himself and what he does and what he says… it’s complicated. There’s obviously a commitment to the work and the department but also there’s a commitment to his family, and the things that are happening are happening to people in his community. So he has a different investment than somebody who just comes in does the job then leaves and goes to a different community. He’s there and he’s seen the breakdown for the past forty years. He also sees the good things about it which is why he stays on.”

TCA 2017

Image via

Captain Ned Conrad is skeptical about Gideon’s high-tech vision for the department, but he views such innovations, and how they will be beneficial to law officials, as “the possibility to try,” Hudson says.

“What he knows is the old system hasn’t been as effected as it should be and could be, so that’s what he brings to it and I think that’s what people will see,” Hudson says about his character.

He notes that “for a lot of people, especially a lot of black people, we’ve kinda gone away from the community, we’re all doing our thing,” he says. But for Ned, “it’s about not leaving his community.” It’s about staying and recognizing what’s important to him, and that means “trying to find ways to make law enforcement effective” within his community… “and hopefully the audience will see that as well.”

Hudson added, “You can complain about law enforcement or not, but what we know is, we need it. It’s necessary if we’re going to function well, but we just want it to be effective and healthy for everyone.”

Don’t miss the “APB” series premiere TONIGHT on Fox at 9/8c.


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Making People Laugh About the Hardships of Teaching Keeps Eddie B. Going (EUR Exclusive!)



Eddie B
eur eddie b 2

Eddie B.

*Eddie B. hit the mark when his “Teachers Only Comedy Tour” in 2017 played to sold-out audiences. His later show “I’m Already Professionally Developed Tour” was also a huge success.

With funny and telling commentary about what teachers really think has made Eddie B. a hit with educators and comedy fans around the world. While the former teacher is excited about his success, he takes it all in stride.

“People ask me why am I so humble and I don’t know how to answer that,” Eddie B. told the EUR in a recent phone interview. “The only answer I came up with one time is that the more thankful you are you have no choice but to display humbleness. You have to be thankful for what you have. So being humble and thankful go hand in hand.”

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With COVID-19 rendering comedy-tours practically non-existent, the Houston native keeps the jokes coming and his routines fresh by crashing virtual conferences held by, of course, teachers.

“I’m doing a lot of Zooms,” Eddie B. said. “I’m doing everybody’s meetings and convocations. I’ve been busy, busy, busy. Thank God.”

The consummate “class clown,” he was always the funny one in the room and began making serious moves as a comedian while attending Texas A&M University (Kingsville).

Although he was earning a local name for himself, Eddie B. was not making the kind of money he had hoped. Continuing the comedy club circuit after graduation and taking odd jobs, he began teaching because it was steady pay. He remained a teacher for 13 years while still doing comedy.

“A lot of teachers say, ‘I’ve been wanting to teach my whole life. I was born this way.’ No, you weren’t.” the single father laughed. “I’m a tell you right now 70% of all teachers didn’t want to teach. I guarantee you that. Teaching is a profession you get stuck in. The only reason you get stuck is because of the kids. You know the money’s not keeping us. It’s our relationships with the kids and other teachers too – the camaraderie of it all.”

Eddie B. retired from teaching for a short while during his tenure but soon had to return to pay the bills.

“I’m hearing Steve Harvey and ‘em say, ‘You gotta jump. Take the leap,’ That’s cute,” he added. “But what the hell do you do when you take the jump and you get pulled back? I jumped as high as I could and got snatched back down, which led me to believe that it’s got more to do with timing then jumping.”

Down but not out, Eddie B., who showed off his craft on YouTube, said a voice inside his head told him, “’Hey, why don’t you do a video about (teaching)?’ So, I shot it before the kids got in my (school) room and put it out by lunch time. But I was like I don’t even have teaching in my comedy.”

“A couple of days later on my Instagram I got about 100,000 views,” he continued. “I thought something was wrong. I thought it was a glitch. It was just teachers bouncing it off and that was the magic of it. It kept growing and growing. Millions of views and the video was only sixty seconds. It was called ‘What Teachers Really Want to Say’ and I was like man if they like this I’ve got 13 years of this.”

Now that he was getting traction, he had to figure out a way to keep the momentum going with the newer audience.

“What they (the teachers who liked his videos) didn’t know was that I’m a comedian,” Eddie B. said. “They just thought I’m a funny teacher. I had to take what I knew about teaching and put it in a (comedy) set now.”

But could he do that without alienating those who had supported his regular comedy for so long?

“My comedy wasn’t always clean. I used to curse with every other word. I’m from the neighborhood and a large percent of my audience is Caucasian (white women teachers). They don’t want to hear that language. But I’ve been on tour for almost 4 years now and I’ve toned it down. I had to grow with it and learn on the job. It was like teaching.”

For more on Eddie B., and to find out where he may be next virtually and otherwise, go to his official website here.

You can also buy his book, “I’m Already Professionally Developed: Straight from the Teacher’s Desk,” released last year.

eur eddie b 1

Eddie B. (Courtesy of Eddie B.)

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Apple News’s Review: 2020 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Limited



Hundai (fror front pAGE)

2020 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Limited (Photo Credit:

Highlight:  This year’s model includes a solar control fixed glass roof.

Test Vehicle’s MSRP: $37,070 (Base Model: $28,725)

Seating Capacity: 5

Standard Safety Features: airbags; side airbags; ABS; a radar activated cruise control system; a blindspot collision avoidance assist system; a rear cross traffic alert system; a forward collision alert system; a high beam assist system;  tire pressure monitoring system; a traction control system; a stability control system; a tire repair kit; and a rearview camera

Standard Equipment (Blue): 16-inch wheels; a 6-speed automatic transmission; front-wheel drive; LED headlights; LED Daytime Running Lights; LED taillamps; a push button ignition starter; a keyless lock/unlock system; a hands free trunk; a manual operated tilt/telescopic steering wheel; dual power folding mirrors; a solar control glass a chrome tip single exhaust; cloth seats; manual control front seats; rear split folding seat with a center armrest; a push button gear control system; an automatic climate control system; steering wheel mounted paddle shifters; and an 8-inch infotainment screen

Standard Equipment (Limited): 17-inch wheels; full LED taillamps; side mirror LED turn signal indicators; dual power heated folding mirrors;  heated body color side mirrors; a rear bumper with parking sensors; laminated front glass; solar glass roof panel; leather seats; power front seats; heated and ventilated front seats; a wireless device charging system; dual charging USB ports; front console mounted rear vents; a leather wrapped steering wheel; a heated steering wheel; a 10-inch infotainment screen; a 12-speaker Bose audio system; a heads up display (HUD); a highway driving assist system; a Hyundai digital key; an electronic automatic rearview mirror; a 360-degree camera; an electronic blindspot monitor; ambient lighting; and front and rear parking sensors.

20200802_074126 (1)

2020 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Limited (Photo Credit:

Optional Features On Test Vehicle: None

Other Trim Levels:

SEL (hybrid)

non hybrid trims

Standard Audio On Test Vehicle: a 6-speaker AM/FM/HD with SiriusXM

Apple CarPlay/Android: Yes

Bluetooth Connectivity: Yes

USB Connectivity: Yes                

Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty: 5 years or 60,000 miles

Powertrain Warranty: 10 years or 100,000 miles

Hybrid System Warranty: 10 years or 100,000 miles

Hybrid Battery Warranty: Lifetime

Standard Engine/Horsepower: 2.0-liter, 4-cylinder/192-hp

Recommended Fuel: Regular

Standard Fuel Mileage: 45-city/51-hwy

What’s New: The eighth-generation Sonata has evolved from a vanilla looking ugly duckling to more like a swan, taking more styling cues from the sixth- generation breakout design, which was a game changer for both the midsize car market as well as the Korean brand.

To continue reading the review, click here.


(Photo Credit:

About The Reviewer: Jeff Fortson is the host of Auto Trends with, the only syndicated multicultural automotive radio show on the airwaves. The 30-minute weekly show, which airs on SiriusXM 141 and a number of FM radio dials, includes one-on-one conversations with many of today’s pioneers and influencers. The engaging show, which goes beyond traditional car talk, can be heard on your mobile and stationary audio devices, clicking here.

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Richard Sherman Tackles ‘Adulting’ The Right Way In New Digital Series / EUR Exclusive – WATCH



Richard Sherman

*Known for being frugal, NFL star Richard Sherman is handing out financial advice to young people in a new digital series.

Launched in August 2020, “Adulting With Richard Sherman” is a 12-part digital show produced by Million Stories Media. The new media company, a project from the Singleton Foundation for Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship, offers programming focusing on career, money, and budgeting matters for millennials and young families.

“Richard Sherman is the perfect choice to headline ‘Adulting,’” said Shelley Miles, CEO of the Singleton Foundation, in a press release. “His personality, personal story and likability will draw in viewers and his passion for financial matters will help get young people interested in their own financial futures. He connects with our foundation mission on so many levels and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have him on board.”

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richard sherman 49

Richard Sherman is #25 for the San Francisco 49ers. (Photo:

Available at no-cost on, viewers can expect no-nonsense talk from the San Francisco 49ers cornerback, who reportedly drove a $30,000 Dodge Challenger until as late as 2018. Topics include handling student loans and staying away from payday loans (see episode here).


(Photo: Million Stories)

Additionally, Sherman tackles other topics such as building credit and having an emergency fund, which is great advice especially during the pandemic. (See episode here.)

richard sherman emergency fund

Richard Sherman in scene from “Having an Emergency Fund” episode. (Photo: Million Stories)

“Adulting With Richard Sherman” is now streaming on New episodes are expected to launch soon. For more on Sherman, go here. For more on the Singleton Foundation, go here.

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