Thursday, April 22, 2021

‘RightThisMinute’ Host Charity Bailey Shares Her Excitement for the Show (VIDEO)

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*Ever wonder if there was a Television show that solely focused on what’s currently trending on the internet “Right At The Moment?” Well there is. In fact, it’s called “RightThisMinute.” The show consists of 5 hosts (including Charity Bailey) who come together and give their impressions on the current popular video streaming the web.

“Right This Minute” has been around since 2011 and is now in its 6th season. This Fall they’ve joined the ABC family in hopes of gauging in a larger audience. Along with video sharing, they have a segment called “Real or Fake” where they partner with Ebaum’s World to guess whether the videos being presented are real or fake.

“The unique thing about our show is that we have the cute kids. We have stories that are sweet and heart warming. We have news stories and sometimes we have crime stories.” said the “ightThisMinute” host. “It’s so awesome that we have a show that we have because we take the social media aspect and the TV aspect and we’ve got pure magic.”

Charity Bailey is a California State University Long Beach Alumni. She obtained her degree in Journalism. From there, the California native began her career in Public Relations with the Los Angeles Clippers. Following her big internship, she worked as a feature reporter for Fox morning shows in Sacramento, CA and Charlotte, NC. The Right This Minute host says that she thoroughly enjoys her interaction on the RTM as a host as well as a viewer.

“That’s the amazing thing for me. Everyday I get to sit down with a team of people that I like, who have become my friends and laugh and talk about videos.”

Bailey says that the viewers can expect this season to be “wacky, wild, funny, fun, amazing, and epic!” The show is indeed entertaining on many levels. Prepare to feel an array of emotions throughout each episode.

To see Charity Bailey on “RightThisMinute,” Tune in to ABC 7 at 2:30pm and 2:00am in New York and ABC 7 in Los Angeles at 1:30pm and 1:00am. For other cities, check your local listings on ABC.




  1. Please give us the details of how to help the woman helping the poor kids….we want to donate and didn’t catch the address!!!!! )
    (Aired March 19th 2018 what a GREAT upbeat show!


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